Bodycon Dresses Are Not Size Biased – Then Why Are You?

Curvy women often lose their confidence because of their weight. I know lots of friends who love themselves for what they are and they have never shied away from flaunting their curves. Instagram and Facebook are brimming with fashionistas who have proved that size does not matter. Bodycon dresses fit very well. This is probably one of the reasons why some women are apprehensive about trying it. But to think of it, there is no better way to give your body a lovely look.
Don’t limit yourself to the dos and don’ts of the fashion world. When you wear a bodycon dress you reaffirm your confidence in yourself. It is all about accepting your body as it is and taking pride in your curves. Sexy plus size clothing is for real women who look beyond the skin and bones, they are the ones who really define natural beauty.
When you wear a bodycon dress, wear it with confidence and you will look pretty. If you are not comfortable in it, then don’t wear it. Pick a bodycon dress that makes you feel good in it. If you get too conscious about your weight or your curves in one of these, then people will notice your uneasiness.
There are a multitude of colours and prints that you can choose from. Prints and other details like peplum can even help you cover the tummy area. You can also try a wide belt to add an embellishment to your bodycon dress.
Bodycon dresses have always been available in a lot of sizes. If you are looking for some sexy plus size clothing, then you must check Fashionmia for their remarkable collection of dresses for plus sizes. And while you are shopping for a bodycon dress, you may want to look up some good shapewear that can smoothen some of the curves if you are too conscious of them.
Remember that you bodycon will look good when you pair them with good bra and panties. Seamless undergarments will give you a smoother look. Panty lines can draw a lot of attention to the parts of your body where you may not want everyone to look.
Some of the most popular curvy women from the fashion world are slaying it in a bodycon dress. When these sexy pieces of clothing are not biased about the size you are, then why are you?

Some Useful Dressing Guides To Hide Your Tummy

Do you have a tummy and you are worried to cover it up with the right kind of dressing? Well, not all are blessed with the perfect body shape but we can always turn our body shape into an attractive one by choosing and wearing the right dressing. But just wearing the dress is not enough rather ensure you feel enough comfortable in it and can carry it flawlessly. There are many who have a flawless figure but do not look really smart. The reason is wrong selection of dressing. Similarly an oversized woman can look highly attractive by picking up the perfect dress and following some easy rules.
However, some useful guides are listed here that can work to cover up your tummy to make you look really good.

  • Keep the tight fitting clothes at bay. Tight dresses will accentuate your body shape and all the lumps and bumps will be visible. At the same time ensure to stay away from too loose dress as it will make you look big enough. Attention should be paid in the fabric as well. Fabrics like cotton, silk, polyester and linens are best for those with tummy while try avoiding the clingy and stretchy fabrics.
  • When it comes to choosing the top, make sure they extend over the waistline as short tops is not the kind for your body shape and it will end up showing the tummy even more. Also tops that have draping, which is flowy and hang loosely are the best kinds.  If you are looking for the most stylish women’s top, Fashionmia is one of the great stores for that.
  • Wear layers. Layering with jacket, coat etc. is highly suggested that can perfectly conceal your tummy.
  • When it comes to the bottom part selection, skinny jeans and low waist are always no no as they have smaller cut at the bottom which accentuate the hip and torso. Rather go for the straight or boot cut jeans and you will look much better while will feel comfortable as well at the same time. Also, avoid wearing miniskirts for good reasons.
  • Other things to follow are: avoid belt around the waist, hips and breast area, do not tuck the blouse or tops and ensure to wear shape wear always as it will flatten the stomach a bit and you will look much more attractive.

Stylish and cute dresses are available in various online and physical stores. So just step into the right one and pick up the prefect piece for you at reasonable rate.

How to Look Elegant Effortlessly

Elegance is wished by all women. An elegant woman is always appreciated; people will remember her even when she is not around. Elegance comes from within after which the physical application begins. If you wish to look elegant then here are some tips that will help you stand aloof from the crowd.
Refined Make-up and Sleek Hairstyle
To begin with the make-up that you use should be subtle. Avoid glitter and shine in your make-up and use plain concealer and foundation. The lipstick and eye-shadows should be kept neutral. However, if there is an evening party or outing red would be perfect. The hairstyle should be selected wisely. Buns, loosely plaited hair and open hair set with large curls flow with elegance.
Clean and Fitted Clothes
There is no place for stains, dirty, untidy or too casual clothes when it comes to elegance. You can easily wear a clean t-shirt with a pair of sleek pants and look elegant. Wear clothes that have classic cuts. Knee-length skirts, full-sleeve shirts, fitted jeans all look classy. Wearing clothes which are too tight or too big for your body shape don’t come in the dictionary of elegant clothing. If required give your clothes to a tailor and have the attire fitted according to your exact size.
Fabrics Add to Elegance
Materials like satin, Chantilly lace, silk, sheer fabrics, velvet, modal and lace of good quality are what will add elegance to your clothing. Also anything that is heavy and make you look bulky should be kept at a hands distance.
Colours that Work
Colours like white, gold, pink, blue, red, gold, emerald green, beige etc. are all classic colours that automatically make you look elegant. Colours that are usually highly contrasting look wonderful.
Besides having a high taste in clothes you should also speak well, avoid grammatical mistakes while conversing, avoid being emotional all the time, hold on to your manners at the table, intelligence is the mark of an elegant woman, politeness is always a lady’s best weapon in being elegant, walk gracefully with your head held high and never let go of your confidence. 
If you are looking for an elegant dresses online store you can browse for Fashionmia. It is an online store that keeps beautiful clothes for women. Tops, jeans, jackets, skirts, cheap bodycon dresses etc. are all available for attractive prices. Fashionmia is the hub of fashionable clothes.

Tank Tops A New Trend In Fashion Tops

Fashion tops are very much in trend today, women want to wear them whether they are going to their workplace, parties, or while they stay at home too. Women tops have followed many propositions, sometimes they are off-shoulders, asymmetrical, no sleeves, etc., but this summer a new trend is in fashion and that is the tank tops. Although they are not new in the market, but with the various new shapes and lots of brands pooling into creating something new of a kind and they are like putting them on skirts, shorts, Palazzos, trousers etc. They can be paired with anything; trendy shrugs also go very well with them.
The traditional fashion tank tops are a must for every woman to have in their wardrobes and they can also be used as a layering top as well. The tank tops, although available readily in basic colors, but today the tank tops, with crotchet and lace trims are also very much in trend. The women clothing with time changes its colors, shades and types. It all depends on the weather and the liking of the women in that particular area. Although the fashion tops have been through lots of changes and patterns. The crop tops have also been in trend lately and they look quite good when paired with skirts, shorts and Jeans. Fashion comes for a while and leave, but some fashion tops are evergreen like Tank tops. Do have the colors which you can pair them with your T-shirts or layer them with the other tops. For outings, they make a comfortable outfit as they are very easy to carry and looks perfect on the day and night looks.
People love to wear the tank tops and pair them with accessories and the best part with them they go well for everyone. And the summer makes them must-haves in your wardrobe. Do some research in the market areas that you visit regularly for their best offerings and you can also search online through Fashionmia for the best ones. Do make your wardrobe trendy and ethnical as it should be filled with the accessories and mix and match dresses. If you don’t have many dresses but if you have a good sense to mix and match it can surely give you good presentation. So, go LIVE with the new tank fashion tops and reveal your true colors to the world.

Long Evening Dresses Were A Hit At The Oscars

From Taraji P. Henson’s spectacular diamond necklace to Emma Stone’s tiny gold pin in the shape of Planned Parenthood logo; from the sensuous use of lacy trims to the brazen looks of thigh high slits, fashion dictated every inch of the Oscars red carpet, 2017. And some of the best looks involved beautiful, long evening dresses.
Evening gowns dictated the Oscars red carpet in a spectrum of materials and designs. From Nicole Kidman to Jessica Biel, a lovely evening gown made these celebs rock the red carpet look. While the Oscars is a fresh and perfect example of the immaculate goodness of long evening dresses, we know by now that when it comes to dresses for women, long gowns have generally worked like a charm.
If you are still in doubt then look up some of the latest social events and you will find lots of women rocking long evening dresses.  They add glamour and eloquence to even the most jaded wardrobes. If you have been thinking whether it will suit you or not, then go through the many designs in which these dresses for women are available.
You can go for prints or stick with a solid colour; you can look for thigh high slits or keep it simple with no slits at all. There are a variety of necklines that suit evening gowns too. From high necks to deep V-necks, there is so much to explore when you are picking a classy evening dress.
Long gowns usually go well with a nice pair of heels. So if you are planning to don one then make sure that you match it with a comfortable pair of heels or else you may spoil the overall look of the gown.
Long evening dresses have always been a fashion trend. The regal look of a beautiful evening gown never fails to be a head turner. So if you are planning to attend an evening party, a social event a fund raiser or your friend’s wedding reception then let an evening gown from Fashionmia give you the ultimate look that you are hoping to achieve for the occasion. Team it up with a great pair of heels and some beautiful accessories to complete your look. As for hairdos, evening gowns usually go well with a number of hairdos. Viola Davis looked lovely in her pixie hairdo and a lovely evening dress; you can experiment with hairdos too.

How to Make Bodycon Dresses Work for You

Online shopping has become a trend more than necessity and when it comes to women’s fashion there is a horde of fashionable stuff available. Good clothes are offered at discounted rates and you could lay your hands on cheap dresses that are not only chic but tasteful too.
What is a Bodycon Dress?
A bodycon dress is all about flaunting your confidence and elegance. The word bodycon comes from a shrivelling of the expression body conscious. Bodycon dresses are figure hugging and should be accessorized right to enhance its gorgeousness. These dresses are famous as evening wear, however they can be worn to office and outings during the day if worn correctly. Proper selection of undergarments helps in giving a smooth effect of the bodycon dress from outside. There are several ways you can rock with a bodycon dress. Here are a few tips that will help you carry your bodycon dress in style.
Black is Always Hot
Many women may feel shy about the idea of going figure hugging, but buying the right colour will never go wrong. A black bodycon dress something you need to have in your wardrobe, even the stylists swear by the colour black. Wearing overall black gives the impression of long, slender vertical line thus giving you a slimmer outlook. Go ahead and dive into the pool of bodycon dresses online and pick a black one for your gorgeous self.
Add Layer to the Outfit
If you feel too self-conscious you could simply accessorize with a loose fitted cardigan or a shrug. Even an oversized jacket would do the trick. For a more polished and classy look get a tailored blazer and you would be able to flaunt your bodycon in the office too.
Accessorize Right
A bodycon is itself sophisticated which means you need to be careful with what you wear with it. The accessories should not be needlessly heavy. You need to complement your dress and not overpower it. Try to wear neutral shoes and a classy pair of earrings or a stunning bracelet, that’s it.
Although there are several online websites where you could buy bodycon dresses online but some of the best collection is available on Fashionmia. Fashionmia is an online store that deals in women’s wardrobe. The online website has an exclusive range of women clothing that can be availed at great discounts. 

How To Dress Up For Special Evenings

Women clothing for evening outfits and evening make up are different from the ones we use during the everyday life. The general feature of an evening look is that it needs to draw attention somehow by colors, glitter or elegance. Since for the evening make-up you are free to use stronger colors than usually the same rule applies to clothes. You can dress in red, black, purple or dark blue fashion tops. These are the most encountered colors because they are very elegant and adapt to most of the situations.
When you are invited to participate at a corporate dinner you should be very careful what to wear. Being an official event you need to dress rather decently, but on the other hand it is still an evening when you can behave differently than during the working hours and enjoy the company of your colleagues. So, you should look pretty but also decent. For this event, you could wear a dress or if your wardrobe isn’t too generous you could pick among the ladies fashion tops made of special materials, like silk, with a black pair of trousers or a nice skirt.
When you go on a date you can wear whatever makes you look good keeping in mind where you will go. If the two of you are going to a restaurant you could wear an elegant dress or a top like in the above situation with the mention that the skirt you match with it can be shorter than the one at the corporate dinner. If you are going in a club you can wear a shiny corset top by Fashionmia with delicate straps or without straps. You can wear most types of corset top with a pair of jeans which will make you look fashionable but at the same time sexy.
You can be invited at various special events like: going on a date, going out with the girls, going to a corporate dinner. The way you dress in each of these situations has only one thing in common: you need to look glamorous. When you go out in the evening you need to look beautiful and to feel comfortable in your clothes. Avoid buying those items which are not your size because they may not allow you to move freely, like in the case when you want to dance, or they may tear and ruin your fun.

Tips On Fashion For Women

When it is about fashion and clothing, you know everyone is so much conscious about how they look but well, no one in this world really cares as much as a woman. And so to fulfil her desire to look good every woman tries her best to have that great sense of dressing which can make them get counted as unique out of the crowd. You know, this desire gets highly overrated when they have to attend some kind of parties or functions as this is the event where they actually gets noticed by different people.
Well, sometimes the situation falls in where one doesn’t really have that good knowledge of fashion which makes them get resulted to nothing but a matter of discussion (in negative way, obviously). In help to which, one can look up for the tips from professionals, such as some of the described below points.
Know your body!
First and the very foremost point towards selecting the best suited dress for an occasion or maybe a daily wear, is to know about your body type and then its needs. Why, you said? Well, the way you can properly understand this is how a single dress can make two women look totally different from each other, all depending upon the type of body they are having. And so, which makes it important to only choose the dress which can fit in according to your body type.
Wait, did you add Jeans?
No? Well, you should. You know there is no point to add some more crisp in women’s dresses and fashion without jeans, this is the only thing which is going to make you try more and different designing and styles and thus which can also make you stand out of whole of the crowd. Also, while selecting, go for only the one which can fit your comfortably and also adding elegance to your beauty.
Say hello to accessories!
Oh, so you did a lot to get your fashion sense improvised, but still there is no satisfaction you can feel for same. Is that so? Well, you don’t have to worry; maybe this is just because you forgot to add some accessories in your wardrobe that can include, scarf or maybe a belt. Remember, don’t ever underestimate their importance.
Old is always the gold.
Do you remember, how women used to get fitted in those maxi kind of dresses, at most those cheap maxi dresses and flaunt their beauty to the world like anything and everything? Well, this is the time that you go for same stuff and no, this is not going to make you look out-dated but you will be shining there alone like some beautiful diamond.
So, if you are also the one looking up for some kind of amazing dress then you can find them online through a website like Fashionmia or any other. Good luck with your purchasing!

Different Types Of Clothing For Women in the coming summer

When it is about fashion and clothing, you know no other person can actually be more eager and excited than a woman, giving more of the reason to which there are many of the additions made in the fashion clothing industry that can be looked over to explore. There are so many of the options available in the market today for every different season and occasion which gives every other woman a chance to select the one they feel comfortable with.
You know being a lady there is that special talent woman is blessed with, which makes it easy for her to select the cloth that she actually fits in or feel comfortable in, but there are also some who cannot do this really well and so which make them to end up purchasing some dress which they don’t feel good about the second time they look forward to it.
In such cases, what actually works is a suggestion which can make them know about the perfect clothing and fashion. For example, clothing at major depends upon the season which one is taking their steps forward in, so that which can also make people know that you have proper sense of fashion and dressing.
Now, as you approach through summers, it is important that you first learn about the type of clothing, people prefer at this time of the year, and also not only the type of clothing but also the best one which can make you look cool and elegant at the same time.
There are also some people who, for the sake of elegance, select clothing which is not really perfect according to the season or maybe their body type and so which make them feel uncomfortable at the end, these people need to know that it is not only about the beauty it is also about the perfection.
Choose only the one which can complement your beauty and elegance at the same time. Also, there are many different variations in women’s tops and other wears which can give option to look for the one which is perfect and comfortable. And once you get to know about your needs and choice there is nothing that you have to look for is but a dealer or a shop which can get you the same dress at much affordable price, for which the perfect destination is some online shopping site such as Fashiomia.
So, if you are also the one looking forward to buy some clothing stuff for daily life or maybe an occasion then look forward to only the one which is comfortable and not only elegant. 

Cheap Maxi Dresses Are A Must Shop These Days

The origins of the maxi dress can be traced back to the early 40s, when wealthy socialites and film stars adorned these bright, vividly coloured dresses that were inspired by traditional Southwestern and Native American motifs. Since its inception, this fluttering, flowery fashion has died and been revived more than once. Today, they are a staple in any fashionista’s closet, and women from all background and social strata seem to have embraced this truly unique icon of fashion and are readily available in womens clothing online stores.
Once made from polyester and other similar fabrics that could ‘choke’ the wearer’s body, modern maxi dresses are made from fine and light fabrics such as cotton. These lightweight fabrics not only complement the shape and style of the dress, they also ‘breathe’ better and are much more comfortable. The fine fabrics help to regulate air flow, making the wearer feel cool even under hot or humid conditions. And the lightweight nature of cotton allows for a more flattering fit, meaning that women of all body types will find many different styles that fit perfectly.
The latest revival came toward the middle of the year for the cheap maxi dresses. Brought to the public eye by a handful of stylish celebrities, these long and flowing dresses quickly captured the imagination of designers and fashion houses far and wide. The fact that maxi dresses for girls are still one of summer’s hottest trends, even after so many years after it came back to the scene in 2008, speaks to the versatility of these dresses.
Among the main reasons for the popularity are comfort, price, availability of many different styles, and adaptability. The first three factors, namely comfort, price and availability, are self-explanatory; what adaptability means is that the dresses are extremely versatile, and can be worn on diverse social occasions, ranging from casual afternoon get-togethers to sophisticated evening affairs. In fact, the same one may be used to bring out a different look, just by changing the accessories.
Cheap Maxi dresses for girls can be worn with many different types of footwear, including chunky heels, flip-flops and gladiator sandals and can be bought through Fashionmia. If you’re wondering about your body type and whether this look will suit you, rest assured, because they can accentuate any figure and body type. Shorter girls can pull off a glamorous look with chunky high-heels, whereas heavy-set women can safely rely on the loose and voluminous fit to achieve a perfect fit without looking like trying too hard to hide the body.
Maxi dresses for girls are a fabulous fashion statement, and they’re here to stay. With the low prices and the many different kinds of fun and playful prints and styles, maybe it’s time to rethink your wardrobe!