Difference Between Shift and Skater Dress

Women often confuse between a skater dress and a shift dress. Both are short and comfortable dresses but there is a difference between them. Here is what you need to know about these two dresses:

What is a skater dress?

A skater dress is a short dress that is fitted at the waist and it flares out in an A-line shape from waist onwards to its hemline. It is a flirt clothing which looks super cute on women.

What is a shift dress?

Shift dresses are short dresses from the 60’s that are still quite popular. They are short, boxy and roomy without any fitted look at the waist. They just fall straight from top to bottom. Designers modify it in different ways to give each dress a different look. But fashion shift dresses are comfort clothing and easily available in different patterns.

How to Style a Skater Dress?

  • Skater dresses look wonderful when layered. A long shrug or a cardigan according to the weather will look perfect.
  • They go with both heels and boots. Summers call in for pretty heels while you can wear knee-high boots with a skater dress in the winters.
  • Although they have a waistline you can still add a belt to highlight its beauty.
  • Skater dresses can also be worn by younger girls. You can buy cute skater dresses if there is an occasion coming up. Prefer beautiful bright prints for them.

How to Style a Shift Dress?

  • Usually shift dresses are loose but if you look around you will be able to find one that is tailored and glides over your curves.
  • Try to avoid a very short shift dress if you are heavy on your thighs. Pick one that falls just on your knees.
  • Shift dresses resemble tunics and in winters you can wear them with tights or leggings. Wear a pair of boots with this look.
  • Shift dresses look great when you dress them up. For instance a leather jacket or a denim jacket depending on the type of dress you are wearing would look great. You could even throw a blazer over a shift dress, it actually looks great.
  • If you have a sleeveless shift dress wear a shirt under it. Black and white combination would look great but then you have more options so match according to what is available in your wardrobe.

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Cheap Tops and Designer Fashion Blouses

Since the time of crew neck t-shirts and turtle necks fashion tops actually have come a long way. Nowadays you can easily find countless styles of women’s top in the area of fashion. But you can also try to find out tops at a cheap price. In the market there are many styles of neck designs are available. But for all these garments you have to go to FashionMia, for best quality and affordable price.

Fashion tops at cheap rate

There are so many styles, colours, and designs of tops are available. But you have to know about which style and design is perfect for you. Today there are some newest fashion tops you will find. The cut-out-t-shirt is the most preferable style among women. This is a very simple style top. You can easily choose it for casual wear but it is also the perfect style for an evening on the town. In fact this t-shirt is not at all fitted and snug like shirts. It is actually quite loose and baggy type. It creates the illusion of the tank tops as it has the feature of cut-out which comes most commonly on the shoulders. You can pair it with jeans and even with miniskirt to have a sexy look.

Another new style is the long sleeve lace top. Actually it is quite controversial. It has a sexy style which creates the illusion that it can be see through but it is not that. It is a complete stunning evening outfit that can be paired with capris pants, dress shorts, and even with cigarette pants. At www.fashionmia.com you can definitely find cheap tops with great quality just for you.

Neckline designs and fashion blouses

Designer blouses are generally very stylish and fashionable. Generally the neck designs are influenced by the culture of western. To any simple outfit beautiful necklines add grace. For any person right kind of neckline is very important. Whenever you are choosing a stylish neckline for you just consider some important facts such as face shape, body shape, and also the confidence level. Basically designer blouses are well fitted.

Try to wear short neck design with well fitted blouse if you are thin. V-neck women’s blouses give you a little slimmer look if you are plus size women. You can try this V-neck blouse if your upper portion is heavier. With this V-neck pattern of blouse you can also go with long sleeves. A wider neckline is appealing always for plus size women.

How to Get The Right Bodycon Dresses

连衣裙是最容易穿着的服装之一,可以随时随地穿着。选择礼服没有太大的努力; 这些准备穿着总是令人惊叹的。选择穿连衣裙绝对是错误的选择,但选择合适的连衣裙需要很多精确度。这是对的,每个女孩在为他们选择合适的衣服之前经历了很多艰苦的工作,但一旦他们这样做,没有人可以阻止他们看起来像一个女主角。这就是为什么在为女性寻找合适的连衣裙时要记住某些事情的重要性 

Bodycon dresses specifically need a lot of precision to make it right. The Bodycon dress fits perfectly on the body and hence the right size and right material play a vital role. So let’s know how to get the right Bodycon dress for you.

Right Size

The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is your size. When you are sure about your size, you know what to search. And if you still want to be sure, just try the dress and see if it fits perfectly. A right Bodycon dress will fit you perfectly on your body hugging all your curves.

Right Material

It is important to see if you feel comfortable in that material. If a dress is too tight and the material is not stretchable, there might be some wardrobe malfunction. To eliminate the chances, make sure that the material of the dress is good, is a little flexible and not too tight on your body.

Bodycon for Different Occasions

There was a time when Bodycon dresses were ideally sought as a party wear. But after all the advancements in the fashion industry, Bodycon dresses are now available in many variables that can be worn on different occasions. Whether it’s an office meeting, party, casual outing and what not, there is a right Bodycon dress for it. Hence explore a little and search the right one for you.

These fashion dresses are really great if you want an easy going and flaunting outfit. These dresses can also be bought online. Fashionmia is an online clothing store that has some of the cheapest bodycon dresses online along with other fashion dresses. If you want to shop some amazing bodycon dresses delivered at your doorstep, you know the place.

Manage to Look Beautiful and Attractive Always





V领不对称下摆雪纺上衣现在女性的衬衫非常时尚。您可以在每个第二家商店看到每个孩子。女衬衫在每个季节看起来都很棒,这就是她们在女性中如此受欢迎的原因。他们提供了许多品种。你有一个花艺设计,简单的,简单的,多种颜色印刷等。有些脖子设计的变化,像一些圆形的脖子,一些有U型切有些有V型切。这些V领衬衫 是其中最受欢迎的。你可以搭配牛仔裤,短裤,珠宝,短裙等等。

Learn How To Dress Yourself The Right Way

Choosing a right dress for the right occasion can be a very challenging task. You need to buy right fashion dresses for your body type that represents your style and personality. However, instead of blindly following the fashion trends, you must look for finest style that will suit your personality and make you feel comfortable. Given below are a few tips on how you can choose a right dress for you:Boat Neck Plain Bodycon Dress

Find your body structure

It is important to understand your body structure. You need to find out what kind of clothes will look on your body and what your body’s requirements are. There are various body types like apple-shaped body, rectangular body shape, pear-shaped body, hourglass shape, and more. so you need to be careful when choosing your dress. It must not only look good on you, but you must also feel comfortable in it.

Take Your Picture

When you are buying a dress, take your picture wearing that dress and see how you look in that. It will help you pick the right dress and see if you look comfortable wearing that dress. Of course, mirror in the trial room helps a lot but in pictures, you will look different and it will give you a different perspective in how you look in that dress. That way you will be able to make right decision.Round Neck Plain Bodycon Dress

Choose the right color

You will find an extensive range dresses in variety of colors in the market. It would be better to evaluate which color will suit you the most and that will bring out the color of your hair, eyes, and skin. You can try different color combinations and see, which will bring out the best features your body and your personality.

Choose something you are comfortable with

Every person has his or her own way of dressing, likes and dislikes. However, with the variety of options available, you might get confused about what to buy and what not to buy. Something that might look good on others, might not suit your body type or personality. So choose something that will not only make you look fashionable, but also make you feel comfortable and confident under your own skin.

Sweet Heart Plain Bodycon Dress

When you try a beautiful dress and it doesn’t look good on you, it doesn’t mean you are not beautiful. It’s just that you would have to try a different beautiful. Do not forget that whichever dress you wear, it is important that the clothes focuses on your best features, and make you feel self-assured and attractive in yours and the eyes of other people. if you want to try some cheap bodycon dresses, you can visit Fashionmia, which is one of the most reputed online clothing stores.

Some Of The Best And Comfortable Dressing Ideas For Summer Time

If your job requires you to travel a lot then you should be always ready with your bag packed. Travelling is really enjoyable as it allow you to meet different people during the journey. But, in order to make the journey more enjoyable you should feel relaxed and comfortable as well. That is you should wear the right clothing during travelling. Travelling dresses matters a lot as it should keep you comfortable along with making you look fashionable.

V-Neck Decorative Lace Plain Shift Dress

And here in this article we have shared some of the best travelling clothing ideas for summer time to lessen your effort.

T-shirt dress

Nothing can be better than this dress for travelling during the hot weather. You can choose to wear this dress alone while it can also be paired up with a short or trouser. Excellent and stylish t-shirts dresses and t-shirts for women are available in several stores. So, you will easily get one to wear during the summer time.

 Shift dress

Another best travel dress is the shift dress. Shift dress is not body hugging and this is what make it really perfect for travelling.

Spaghetti Strap Belt Printed Maxi Dress

Maxi dress

If you are eager to bring a very feminine look even when you travel, maxi dress is ideal for you. Stylish maxi dresses for summer is available in Fashionmia at a great rate. This is an online store especially for women where you will find out every stylish dress including women’s blouses at an affordable rate.  So, it’s worth checking out their site once.

V-Neck Patchwork Contrast Piping Striped Skater Dress


Romper is another most comfortable dress that can be worn just everywhere. This is a highly versatile dress. And it’s comfortable nature makes is ideal for travelling. You can stay relaxed and free in Romper for an entire day. So, pick up a Romper and make it your best companion for travelling to stay stress-free during the journey as well.


Just like Romper, two pieces is also a perfect dress for travelling. This is an ultra functional dress that you can wear everywhere. Get two sets of two pieces dress and wear them matching with the right dress. Shorts, trousers, jeans, palazzo everything will look good with a stylish top.

With all these, remember to keep the accessories minimal as too much accessories will do nothing but irritate you after certain time

Tops and t-shirt fashion

The summer time is here and when the time comes we are all excited. We all want to look our best in this season but the point is to be remembered that it’s also very important for us to keep ourselves good. Tops can be worn as it embraces the fashion and also provides the warmth that is needed by a person. In the Fashionmia website, https://www.fashionmia.com/ a wide range of collection of the hoodies is done so that you can choose the best.

Summer Cotton Women Off Shoulder Bowknot Hollow Out Plain Short Sleeve Blouses

The tops not only keeps someone warm but it also provides a very good sense of style. As the time is approaching to enjoy, and look best, a hoodie can be tried to look good. Sweatshirts also provide a very good and unique fashion. Hoodies can be best, if you are planning to look funky, or is willing to do, much makeup.

Summer Cotton Women Round Neck Slit Plain Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Tops- trendy

Trendy tops can be mixed and matched up with anything and can be worn easily. The tops can be worn with a pair of jeans or a skirt. Hoodies can be worn with palazzos also to get a good look. If the comfort is good then a person can wear anything as the comfort plays a very important factor. You can carry anything in which you feel confident. Feeling the comfort in the dress you wear is really very important. Tops can be of various types. One factor that is liked by a lot of people in the hoodies is the attachment of the cap like structure outside, which provides a total protection from the cold. These features of the cheap tops play a very important part that is very much needed. It this case you don’t need to carry anything in order to cover your head from the cold.

Summer Polyester Women Round Neck Printed Extra Short Sleeve Short Sleeve T-Shirts

T-shirts in fashion

T-shirts are in fashion nowadays, and are available at online stores like fashionmia. T-shirts not only provide protection from the cold but it also provides a very good look. t-shirts are available everywhere with good designs. Various colours of the t-shirts are available that can be worn in order to look good. Sweatshirts actually are there to give you protection against little bit of cold but in case of severe cold environments it will fail to do so. So, it’s very important to understand the weather and then buy the material. Women’s t-shirts come up in various styles and forms. Various designs of the t-shirts are also available that helps a person to look trendy and cool.

Easy to find Timeless womens accessories and bags online

For women there are timeless and classic accessories available that are ideal for all ages. This accessories suit various fashion parties. For women accessorizing is the second nature which is immortal. It is difficult to find a single woman who doesn’t love bags. According to the different functions and shapes the bags can be collected. For the quality product you can go to FashionMia.

Timeless accessories for women

There are so many accessories for women that are the best and most widely used available from one generation to the next. Now you can easily find women’s accessories online.

Diamonds: A women’s best friend is the diamonds. Nowadays it is one of the best accessories that are used by women in their collection of jewelry. In the previous decades the demand for diamonds is the same. These gems are undoubtedly very expensive and costly too but they are the classic collection. Diamonds are considered to be the timeless accessories as it never goes out of the fashion. With almost all types of fashion style and trends these precious gems can go.

Luxury handbags: For a woman bags are the extension. Without a bag on hand no woman can leave home. There are different types of designer and luxury bags you can find which are really worth the money. To boost your look handbags are the best accessories.

Shoes: Women are addicted to the stylish and fashionable shoes. One of the most popular and fashionable accessories for women is footwear. To your preferences and the taste of fashion you could find different types, design, and brands of shoes.

Women love bags

Every women whether they are rich or poor definitely has a bag which is favored by herself. It is really very satisfying and pleasing feeling to see in your room a bunch of bags with colorful blossoming flowers. According to your tastes of styles you can choose different types of bags for different occasions.

There are endless varieties of bags you can find in the market. You can choose some designer bags which are costly. You can also find some quality bags in a cheap rate. For these types of bags with reasonable price you can go to www.fashionmia.com. Here you can bags that have designer and sophisticated look but at a very affordable price. Women’s bags become the style statement nowadays. You can also buy bags for personal use or just as a gift for your special person. But whenever you are buying bags from online stores you should be careful about the material, design, and the color of the bag.

Best summer bikini and cover-ups to look sexy


In the season of summer of
1947 on the French beaches the modern bikinis were first seen. In the past
years bikinis becomes the most popular swimwear. There are mainly three types
of bikinis you can find. Today in the market there are so many collections of
beach cover-ups in which you can look the best. At FashionMia all these swimwear are available at a reasonable price.


For the summer some bikini styles
According to the amount of
material with which bikinis are made and the amount of coverage that they
provide to the wearer, the bikinis are of three types.
The traditional bikini:
This type of bikini offers generally full bottom coverage just at the rear and
also encloses the breasts. In the bikini brief Brazilian bikinis are losing
some of this material creating skimpy coverage of the breast and low rise
The microkini: This type
of bikini generally uses the smallest amount of material and it also barely
provides any coverage at all. At the rear just a string and at the front a tiny
triangle of material is the most extreme styles of this. The bikini tops are so
small. But this bikini is not preferable to most people.
Triangle bikini: This type
of triangle bikinis are the most common styles and it is best if your breasts
sizes are not so large than a D cup. In these types of
cute bikinis there are two triangular
areas of material, which are directly connected or held together just by a thin
piece of strings or material. With the smaller breasts triangle styles work
Popular beach cover-ups
For anyone beach cover-ups are the great investment to look sexy throughout the
year especially the hottest months of the year. In this year there are some
great styles for casual wear and it takes the traditional cover-ups to the next
level. Among the entire popular one is the tunic. This is an entire line of
tunic’s that are created specially and particularly for women’s cover-ups. 

These types of tunics mainly come in sheer materials. Though they keep you
covered but with very sexy style especially for summer day. Next is the smock
dress. These are the same as the halter dresses. It has always been the very
traditional swimwear cover-up. There are so many different bold colors, styles,
and bold patterns available for this swimwear. And for these you have to just
go to


The best trendy and fashionable clothing to choose

Most plus sized girl think, there aren’t a number of dresses, which are especially handpicked for them. But, that is completely wrong, as there are a number of great dresses, which are meant for them. You can get those dresses from online stores like Fashionmia, or www.fashionmia.com, and similar other popular online stores.

Cutout Letters Plain Long Sleeve Plus Size T-Shirts

On online stores, you can find a number of trending dresses, and that is the reason, why most girls try to purchase fashionable dresses from online stores, as they know, they will get the most trending product from the online stores, which they can never get from the local stores. As far as trendy plus size clothing is concerned, especially for chubby girls, it is better to go for cute designs, which is available on most of the dresses. Another thing, which most girls are in a dilemma, is about the type of dress, which they should purchase. Most girls try to get tight dresses, while there are many, who want to get light dresses. Choosing between tight and light dresses is also an important aspect.

Round Neck Printed Long Sleeve Plus Size T-Shirts

Choosing plus sized dresses

Most girls, who are plus sized or chubby, do not want to go for skin tight dresses, as they think, they will look fatter, which is something that most girls do not want. But, there are also some girls, who want to brag their figure by wearing skin tight dresses. There is no doubt, if you wear light dresses, and you are a chubby girl, you can hide your fatness, which can eventually make you look more beautiful. Thus, depending upon your needs, you should try to find the most appropriate dresses, when you purchase plus size clothing, either from local stores, or from online stores like Fashionmia. Plus size dresses refer to all the dresses, which are worn by plus size girls though.

Cutout Plain Half Sleeve Plus Size T-Shirts

The accessories to choose

The plus size fashion tops are those tops, which most of the plus sized girls go for, nowadays. The plus size fashion tops are available from online stores like www.fashionmia.com, and such kinds of dresses can be worn by plus sized girls to a number of occasions, with certain chosen accessories. If you are going for a wedding ceremony, you can go for high heels, along with fashionable plus size fashionable dresses, which will give you a unique look. If you are wearing the fashionable plus size tops to your office or other places, you might not wear extra accessories other than watches.