Different Dresses for Different Body Types

There are so many dresses for women to choose from. But have you ever wondered what dress would suit your body type? Just because we see our favorite celebrities dress in a particular way, it doesn’t mean that it would suit us too. Before investing in a dress, know your body type and shop accordingly. Fashion is all about dressing up according to your body type in such a way that makes you look the very best. Body type is not determined by weight and height, it’sdetermined bythe shape of the body. Once you know your body shape, you can determine which fashion trends to follow and which ones o avoid.

Pear body shape
In pear shaped body type, the lower body is heavier and wider as compared to the upper body. The hips are wider than the shoulder. The best assets for this body shape are the busts, which should be showcased. You need to accentuate your upper body and wear something that makes you appear tall. For this body shape, opt for an off-shoulder skater dress. The bare shoulders will be the main focus and take attention from the lower body and the flare of the dress will conceal the wide hips.

Apple shaped body
In this body shape, the main weight is above the hips and the hips are narrow. The best assets in this body type are legs, which should be flaunted. Apple shaped body has a rounder and fuller torso with a minimal waistline. The goal should be to minimize the midsection and highlight the legs and shoulders. A shift dress suits apple shaped bodies best because they hang straight from the shoulder and lie far from the body, which conceals the problematic areas. Opt for a shift dress with hems to show off those shapely legs.

Hourglass shaped body
In this body type, the shoulders and hips are of similar proportion and a have a tiny waist. The goal should be to highlight the curves and not hide them. This body type should opt for a wrap dress. The wrap will highlight the curves between the hips and waist.  You can also opt for an A-line dress and team it up with a belt to highlight the curves.

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Top Fashion Tips for the Winter Season

Temperatures are dropping steadily and with the great need to stay warm all day and night long, it becomes quite difficult to follow proper fashion regime. With winters, we presume that it’s time to cut out on some of our cute fashion tops and dresses. However, you need not worry at all as we present to you some of the women clothing tips this winters to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. Have a read:

  • Layer Up: Well to stay warm during the chilling weather, the best way is to put layers of clothing. But wouldn’t that belittle your fashion statement? It might not if you choose the right women clothing to layer and match each other. If you happen to live in a snow area, the undermost layer could be a stylish and bright turtleneck, on top it a basic sweater, then a jacket and then the topmost layer could be the waterproof or the windcheaters. For the bottoms, you can wear a pair of stylish stockings under the ripped jeans to make a fashion statement at the same time keep you warm from inside.
  • It’s Time of the Boots: Let your boots do the walking and the talking. Winter fashion is incomplete without sexy and fashionable boots to gear up with your women clothing. You could pair up over-the-knee boots with a short sexy dress. Or you could even pair ankle boots with cuffed jeans. Boots could be great assets to amplify your women clothing in the most fashionable way.
  • Belt Up Your Coats: It could be really tiring to put on your old boring coat day after day when it’s chilling outside as you have no other option left. However, you could spice it up by putting on a sexy belt around the coat and see the difference. When you would cinch your waist with a stylish belt, you could make your coat look almost brand new.
  • It’s the Season of Faux: When even the jackets and coats would fail to keep you warm in the chilling weather, faux fur is the perfect fashionable respite. You can have great fun wearing the faux fur by wearing it over your winter jacket and giving women clothing a completely new definition.

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Want To Be A  Fashion Icon?  Know The Rules Here

Being a fashion icon is all about representing a distinct personal style and if you have thought that this term is only associated with big celebrities or people who have strong cultural influence then, you are bit wrong as you too can be a fashion icon ensuring you inherit some distinct characteristics that makes you a perfect fashion icon.
Know here some simple rules that will help you stay in focus and you will eventually become the fashion icon to your friends, relatives and colleagues.
Perfect dressing sense:
Perfect clothing is the most important step and you can have great help from various magazines in this purpose. So, make a habit of buying some magazines such as cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle etc. and go through the articles properly while also notice the pictures carefully to know which dress and clothing style is perfect for your body shape.
Fashion icon is all about quality dressing so ensure your wardrobe has a good collection of the stylish dresses. Fashionmia is an amazing online store that you can look up for all kinds of fashion clothing and trendy tops. This store keeps great collection of stylish dresses while those are available at very reasonable rate also. Mix and match is a good idea to bring a very unique look.
Accessories too play an important role in your fashion. So, keep a good collection of accessories that will blend well with your dressing.
To be a fashion icon you need to spend a bit more. One or two pair of shoes is not enough rather you should have some good quality pair of shoes that can complement your dress and clothing perfectly.
Make up is vital to be a fashion icon. You might be thinking that you look good without make-up but just try applying once and you will look 10 times much better. But you should know what shades and color will be perfect for your facial structure and skin tone. You can always take help for this from the expert beautician and then buy some quality cosmetic products that will go for long.
Hair style:
Hair is that part of our body on which the looks depend a lot. So, its the time to visit a parlour. They can suggest you better that which hair style will suit your facial structure best. Also, you should pay attention to the quality of your hair. So, buy a quality shampoo and start taking care of your hair so that you can start receiving that fashion icon complement soon.

>How To Wear Bodycon Dresses Without A Flat Stomach

Do you normally stay away from the bodycon dresses due to your plus size figure or that cute small tummy? Well, do not be scared at all rather all body shapes can wear every kind of dresses and they will obviously look excellent keeping some small yet powerful points in mind. So, here we will highlight some points following which you can be assured to draw great attention in your Bodycon or bandage dresses even though you do not have a flat stomach.
Right fit and tailor it if required:
Getting the right fit is must irrespective the kind of dress you are looking for and your shape. While oversize dresses are not helpful at all the too tight dresses end up highlighting all your lumps and bumps. So, getting the correct fit is vital and in case you fall in the between of two sizes, best idea is to tailor the dress. You can make it bit tight, short it one inch or else go for shortening the sleeves a bit. Bodycon dresses online are easily available these days for all shapes, so just pick up the right size and you will look really good.
Pay attention to the foundation:
You must have understood this well. Yes, foundation that is select the right kind of undergarments, also ensure they are seamless not to show any kind of lines. The best advice is to wear shapewear which will smoothes the tummy a bit and conceal the lumps and bumps.
Choose good material:
Dress material is another important factor to be considered. Bodycon dresses are always advised to find in high-end material especially if you are overweight. The material should be thick and structured for best appearance. Fashionmia is an online store that has great collections of all kind of stylish dresses such as bodycon, sexy maxi dresses etc. for all sizes. So, you can check once their store to have a look at the collection.
Wear something on the top:
If you are not happy the way your stomach is looking, then go for adding something on the top such as cape. Also a leather jacket, long coat too will look good in place of cape.
Highlight your favourite feature:
Another useful trick is to highlight your favourite feature that will move attention from your stomach. For example, some patterns, sequins, cut-outs etc.
Finally remember that whatever you wear, you should be highly comfortable in it and you should also be able to carry it properly. And you will definitely look excellent while confident enough.

Online Shopping- Make Your Shopping Experience More Interesting

Shopping for women clothing online is the best option because weather you are buying from a big e-store or a custom clothier you will find great bargains.  If you are looking for cheap clothing online and have no starting point or references you’ll find it quite intimidating because the list of online stores is endless. How can you judge if what the store is offering a particular piece of clothing on cheap prices? The store may claim to be selling cheap but they may be merely cheap.

Online shopping for a lot of women is like meditating. Whenever you’ve had a bad day, there’s nothing that can help de-stress as much as shopping online. But online shopping has a lot of down sides to it. There’s always the possibility of the fit not being perfect and having to return whatever you’ve bought because it’s not like any of these e-stores have a dressing room where you can quickly try whatever you’ve chosen. By getting a proper measurement of yourself, you can eliminate this problem. Once you have a clear idea regarding which size do you fall in be it small, medium, large etc. it’ll be easier for you to shop without fear of returns and exchange. Remember that different stores have different sizes; they do this just to confuse their customers. Once you have your proper measurements the size charts available on the website will be your best friend. It will help you know and trust if large is actually large enough for you.

In addition to this, there are a few online stores that may con you. The dress that gets delivered to your place may be very different from what you chose online. Some stores use bad quality of cloth and claim to have original designs while be selling replicas at high prices. Always be very conscious of which website you choose to shop from. Shop online from stores you have references for or easy enough read up their reviews online. Always compare for prices to get the best deal.

One such trusted store for shopping for women’s clothing online is FashionMia.com. Whether you are headed to the beach or bar or need something casual for the day, it has it all. It has an amazing collection of fashion tops for women, which they update regularly. It is a women’s dream come true with its wide range of cheap clothing for women.


How to Dress on a Date Night

Every woman wants to look their best on a date night and ensure they go an extra mile to look stunning and charming. Just like Cinderella, you also need to look special and have a look which is completely different from what people see you as everyday. Head-turning outfit matching your place of date and your personality needs is what you need. Let us have a look at some of the styles that would melt your date’s heart.
1. Sexy Siren
Red evening dresses are what will give you this look. Select a short bodycon dress for yourself and wear a pair of high pumps – red would really make you look sizzling. Accessorize with gold jewellery – a gold cuff and a statement necklace will accentuate your beauty.
2. Downtown Cool Girl
If you want to be comfortable and still look sensuous then pull out one of the black skinnies from your closet and match it with a black silk camisole. A pair of spiked ear cuffs or even a bejewelled one and a pair of high heeled sandals – white, red or black will complete your look for the special night.
3. Leather Lady
Leather never gets old and always makes you look stunning. Leather pencil skirt teamed with a printed chiffon tank top and strappy sandals will have your date drooling over you. Wear a pair of hoops for earrings and a big finger ring to accessorize.
4. LBD Chick
There is something about a little black dress that will give you a cute and charming look and make you look hot too. Leave your hair open and colour your lips with blood red lipstick. A gold bracelet with black stones and a pair of black peep-toes will have you set for your date. You can also wear sandals or pumps of colours like teal or even orange for a more vibrant look.
5. Sugar and Spice
A beautiful yellow frock with a short blue jeans jacket gives you a sweet look. Have your hair tied loosely in a bun and accessorize with a thin gold chain. Nude colour boots and a pinkish shade of lipstick will give you a charming look.
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Tips To Style A Blazer

When winters are around the corner, we start replacing our summer wear with winter wear. This time, instead of gloomy winter wear opt for a refreshing batch of lighter shades and bright prints. Blazers are most versatile wardrobe staples that you can wear in any weather and environment. The best thing about a blazer is how quickly it changes the tone of your outfit to suit the situation. All that matters is the style of blazer and what you are wearing it with.

Blazers are ideal for work. They look good as an everyday wear and can be worn for an event as well. There’s nothing classier than a white and a black blazer. Invest in a black and white blazer because these are versatile and are a must have for every fashion wardrobe. Especially a black blazer because it will add more classiness and elegance to your entire look. For a fun and relaxed look, opt for a bright fun color blazer. Team it with simple pieces and let the blazer stand out and shine.

For a more casual look, pair a blazer with a casual graphic print t-shirt. Pair it with a skinny jeans or denim shorts for a casual and classy look. You can wear a nice fitted plaid shirt to create a casual style with the blazer. You can team it up either with leather skinnies for a rocker chick look or with mini skirt for a feminine look. For a more feminine and girly look try out blazers in pastel candy shades. These are the best options to wear for a casual event. Match a pastel shade blazer with lightweight bright pieces to flatter your whole look.

You must have seen models rocking an oversized blazer with a maxi dress or mini skirts. Try this style for a chic and fashionable look. You can also try this for a casual look. The best garment to team up with a blazer for a casual look is denim short. Nowadays shorts come in a variety of fabrics, pair them with a blazer for a casual and classy look.

You can glam up your outfit for a night out with a blazer. Wear clothes in really bright striking colors that adds spark, to add luxe appeal into your outfit. Or simply wear stylishly tailored shorts with a black or white shirt with a blazer for a classic look.

FashionMia has an amazing range of clothing for women. It offers a wide range of cheap blazers for women. It also has a wide collection of many dresses including sexy plus size bodycon dress for women.


How To Look Confident And Astonishing Being Plus Size

Being a plus size woman is not a curse or burden and also there is nothing to think like beauty and fashion is only represented by the thin women rather plus size women too can look enough chirpy and perfect while adopting the right ways. Here are some useful guidelines following which you can flaunt your beauty being enough confident.
Proper fitting undergarments
Start with this step. Yes, proper fitting undergarments is highly needed that can smoothly hide the awkward looking bumps and lumps. So, take the measurement first properly and then go for buying the right piece and shape for you. Also, try wearing shape wear under skirt, pants and other dresses which will make the thighs and stomach look slim enough.
Do not wear too tight or too lose
Just like under garments proper fitting dresses are also needed to wear that will compliment your body shape even more. If you think that wearing lose or tight dresses can hide the unwanted portion of your body then you are completely wrong. While the tight dresses will highlight the bumps lose dresses will just make you look larger.
Do not stick to some specific colors but try out all
Black is the perfect color to look slim is really a old rule and according to fashion experts, plus size women should try out all colours but ensuring that the dress is suitable and will flatter your body shape. Sexy plus size dresses are available in bright colors as well starting from white, so don’t afraid rather pick up the right piece and look confident. Fashionmia is an amazing online store that keeps collection for all body shape, so do not forget to check out that store once that might make your day.
Wear right accessories
Just clothing is not enough rather to look wonderful in your plus size emphasis should be put on accessories as well. The accessories should match your dressing perfectly. Avoid wearing something too small or delicate as it will not go well with the body shape.
Right hair style
With all these, hair is another fact to be considered to maintain a flatter look being plus size. Try to grow your hair a bit more than shoulder length. Long hair always looks good irrespective of the height or body shape which perfectly elongates the look.
So, keep these facts in mind and also pick up the right plus size sexy dresses and you will feel highly confident while looking stunning as well. 

Choosing the right coat for women: According to type, style and preferences

As winter approaches, the most and actually t he first thought you think is to buy a coat which is quite tricky and difficult decision to make. It is so obvious as you need to get something comfortable, stylish as well as durable for winters ,price may be not constraint here at  extent as you are more inclined to get quality  but although cheap dresses with best quality is still cherry on the cake. There are some straight things you can do to ensure you get exactly something which comes out perfect for you.
What you should take care of while opting for coats for women

  1. Type/ Style / Physique –oriented : First thing first as you need to look where you  will have to wear the winter coat or what kind of places you want it for , it help you narrow down to chose the type of coat which is very necessary as different coat are specific in  use, purpose, style , material and preferences. . Not all use for everywhere, some do works for most of the purposes but still need evaluating. Various types of women coat are as in distinctive style like Trench coat, Pea coat, wrap coat, chesterfield coat, cap coat, military coat, car coat, and numerous like more than 20 which use prominently and preferred today.  Physique is another sorting measure for getting your kind of coat like looking according to whether you want top heavy, bottom heavy or want to look either taller or curvy body, there are specific coats to help you.
  2. Quality is important like everything: You should not compromise with quality when you talk about women’s coat even to push your price .Know more about the quality as understanding about the material like polyster, wool, nylon, spandex etc. Filter your choosing with priorities like quality, warmth comfortable, usefulness over factors like style, trend and fashion although they are necessary too

How to choose clothes for winter: Mini –Guide for winter shopping

Choosing clothes for fall seasons are confusingly tiring and sometime result in failing of getting winter resisted clothes or wearing ways even after spending lot of money over shopping . That hurts more when you fail to maintain you comfort with winter dresses along with the protection. Anyway, people have to compromise with either one of the features you look or should look in ideal piece of cloth for winter:

  • Protection from winter: looking for the clothes that cam resist winter and cold chilling wind, insulation and layering for winter’s various levels.
  • Comfort: Winter makes you to load on lot of clothes or long oversized coats or heavy woolen sweaters and pullover on you without any proper wearing style make things clumsy and uncomfortable to move freely.
  • Style: Don’t forget the style which defines you, even in winter when various type of dressing styles can make you look good in numerous fashion women’s clothing and men’s dresses. 

Choose according to layering
Layering of winters is what makes you to adapt the change in levels of winter very efficiently. You need to understand how layering of cloth works. The right adjustment or proper layering enables you to save from over-heating or cooling. Buy cheap women’s dresses and men are wearing for mid base levels and more quality oriented for insulated levels.
Lower or base level: The lowest level is base level layering where the materials made of like polyester, merino wool, silk or any other winter matching fabric is directly in contact with the skin that absorbs moistures and makes it dry quickly. In very freezing climate, it can be also added a light weighted t-shirt
Mid base level: T-Shirts, shirts or any kind of tops are fall here t cover the base layer.
Insulating layer:   Most important as save you from the winter at outer level including jackets, coats, sweaters and scarf etc.