Different Types Of Clothing For Women in the coming summer

When it is about fashion and clothing, you know no other person can actually be more eager and excited than a woman, giving more of the reason to which there are many of the additions made in the fashion clothing industry that can be looked over to explore. There are so many of the options available in the market today for every different season and occasion which gives every other woman a chance to select the one they feel comfortable with.
You know being a lady there is that special talent woman is blessed with, which makes it easy for her to select the cloth that she actually fits in or feel comfortable in, but there are also some who cannot do this really well and so which make them to end up purchasing some dress which they don’t feel good about the second time they look forward to it.
In such cases, what actually works is a suggestion which can make them know about the perfect clothing and fashion. For example, clothing at major depends upon the season which one is taking their steps forward in, so that which can also make people know that you have proper sense of fashion and dressing.
Now, as you approach through summers, it is important that you first learn about the type of clothing, people prefer at this time of the year, and also not only the type of clothing but also the best one which can make you look cool and elegant at the same time.
There are also some people who, for the sake of elegance, select clothing which is not really perfect according to the season or maybe their body type and so which make them feel uncomfortable at the end, these people need to know that it is not only about the beauty it is also about the perfection.
Choose only the one which can complement your beauty and elegance at the same time. Also, there are many different variations in women’s tops and other wears which can give option to look for the one which is perfect and comfortable. And once you get to know about your needs and choice there is nothing that you have to look for is but a dealer or a shop which can get you the same dress at much affordable price, for which the perfect destination is some online shopping site such as Fashiomia.
So, if you are also the one looking forward to buy some clothing stuff for daily life or maybe an occasion then look forward to only the one which is comfortable and not only elegant. 

Cheap Maxi Dresses Are A Must Shop These Days

The origins of the maxi dress can be traced back to the early 40s, when wealthy socialites and film stars adorned these bright, vividly coloured dresses that were inspired by traditional Southwestern and Native American motifs. Since its inception, this fluttering, flowery fashion has died and been revived more than once. Today, they are a staple in any fashionista’s closet, and women from all background and social strata seem to have embraced this truly unique icon of fashion and are readily available in womens clothing online stores.
Once made from polyester and other similar fabrics that could ‘choke’ the wearer’s body, modern maxi dresses are made from fine and light fabrics such as cotton. These lightweight fabrics not only complement the shape and style of the dress, they also ‘breathe’ better and are much more comfortable. The fine fabrics help to regulate air flow, making the wearer feel cool even under hot or humid conditions. And the lightweight nature of cotton allows for a more flattering fit, meaning that women of all body types will find many different styles that fit perfectly.
The latest revival came toward the middle of the year for the cheap maxi dresses. Brought to the public eye by a handful of stylish celebrities, these long and flowing dresses quickly captured the imagination of designers and fashion houses far and wide. The fact that maxi dresses for girls are still one of summer’s hottest trends, even after so many years after it came back to the scene in 2008, speaks to the versatility of these dresses.
Among the main reasons for the popularity are comfort, price, availability of many different styles, and adaptability. The first three factors, namely comfort, price and availability, are self-explanatory; what adaptability means is that the dresses are extremely versatile, and can be worn on diverse social occasions, ranging from casual afternoon get-togethers to sophisticated evening affairs. In fact, the same one may be used to bring out a different look, just by changing the accessories.
Cheap Maxi dresses for girls can be worn with many different types of footwear, including chunky heels, flip-flops and gladiator sandals and can be bought through Fashionmia. If you’re wondering about your body type and whether this look will suit you, rest assured, because they can accentuate any figure and body type. Shorter girls can pull off a glamorous look with chunky high-heels, whereas heavy-set women can safely rely on the loose and voluminous fit to achieve a perfect fit without looking like trying too hard to hide the body.
Maxi dresses for girls are a fabulous fashion statement, and they’re here to stay. With the low prices and the many different kinds of fun and playful prints and styles, maybe it’s time to rethink your wardrobe!

All About Women’s Bodycon Dresses

Women’s bodycon dresses are one-piece figure hugging attires that cling tightly to the body from the bust to the lower hem. They are made of different types of materials such as lycra and polyester.
The outfits have three lengths: upper high, mid-thigh and knee. While these cute dresses are mostly worn during an evening, they can also be worn during the day when they are correctly and creatively accessorized.
Best people to wear the outfits
Since they cling to every curve and bump of the body you should be very confident when wearing them. The best woman to wear the outfits is the person with an hourglass figure.
An hourglass shaped woman is a lady who has generously proportionate hips and chest, and a well-defined waist. When worn correctly, this attire is very flattering.
Who should not wear the outfit?
Pear shaped: This figure is characterized by a small chest and broad hips. The bodycon dress is not ideal for someone with this figure. This is because the clinging material emphasizes the hips thus making the body look unbalanced.
Apple shaped: An apple shaped woman is a woman with a broad stomach, broad hips and no waist definition. The cute dresses are not ideal for someone with this figure because it gives the lady a round shape that is not pleasing to look at.
Inverted triangle: This figure is characterized by a large bust, narrow hip, and no waist definition. The figure is not ideal for bodycon dresses because the outfit tends to emphasize the triangular shape of the lady thus giving the illusion of an extra broad upper body.
How to make bodycon dresses work for you
Go for dark colors: If you feel shy of stepping out in a figure-hugging dress, you should go for attire that has a dark color. In addition to ensuring that you feel confident, the Fashionmia attire also gives you a sexy look. Some of the best colors to go for are black and navy blue.
Cinch the waist: If you have a little bit of fat that you are not confident about, you should consider cinching the waist in order to look slimmer. Here you only need to find attire with black or navy panel sides.
Addition of an extra layer: This cute dress can make you self-conscious at time, it is better that you add upon a cardigan to pair with the dress.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Wearing Bodycon Dresses

Do you wish to wear that one of the most flattering type dress, Bodycon, in the upcoming party but scared for your body shape? Well, no need to worry at all as all can go for wearing every kind of dresses irrespective their body shape and it requires just little bit of caring along with following some useful tips. So, some of the do’s and don’ts for wearing Bodycon dresses are listed here that will help you look more flattering.

  • One of the main criteria for wearing bodycon dresses is to highlight your attractive features so that the attention is drawn from the wrong areas. For example, if you have nice legs, then go for a bit shorter one to reveal your legs. Similarly, if you have attractive collarbones or toned shoulder, then the strapless or halter neck bodycon dress will be perfect for you.
  • The second most important criteria is to pick up the thick fabric as thin material will be more clingy to accentuate your lumps and bumps while the skinny girls will look more thin.
  • It would be good if the dresses have some detailing such as ribs and panelling.
  • In case you are too thin or oversized and want to conceal some problem areas, then layer the bodycon dress with baggy sweater or else with a well cut blazer.
  • With all these, never forget to wear the shapewear with Bodycon dresses.
  • Also, its better to go for the dark color as this type of dress looks flattering in dark color.

Bodycon dresses online are available in various stores while Fashionmia is one such very trusted online store that is just worth checking out which have a great collection for all shapes. Maxi dresses on sale are also available in this store. So, have a look for sure.

    • Bodycon dress brings flattering and glamorous look, so do not ruin that look anyways by wearing a flat shoe. Go for the heels that can amp up your look perfectly. Also it is a biggest advantage in case you are bit oversized as heels will make you look slimmer.
    • Do not cover yourself wearing so many accessories. Yes, Bodycon dress does not go well with over wearing of accessories; keep the look clean and classy by pairing the dress with dangling earrings, clutch and a watch.
    • With all these, ensure not to feel shy at all rather you should be enough confident to carry the dress comfortably.

How to make bodycon dresses work for you?

Body conscious dresses are often known as bodycon dresses. These dresses are known to be very fit and cozy. This often leads to women who are big in size that a bodycon dress is not going to work for them. Women’s dresses come in different shapes and sizes but let me tell you one thing; a bodycon dress can make any women look good regardless of her body size. If you follow some simple rules before buying cheap bodycon dresses, you will be able to rock the next event and surprise everyone with a completely new look.
Simple ways to make a bodycon dress work for you
Listed below are some simple yet important ways to follow if you really want to wear a bodycon dress and look amazing-
1. Since you are trying out a dress that is not exactly in your comfort zone, you need to pick colors that you are comfortable with and feel confident in. Everyone likes to experiment and try out new, exciting colors but here, you have to tread carefully. These colors may feel basic, but at least you will be in your comfort zone.
2. You have a curvy body and this is perhaps one the reasons why you stayed away from a bodycon dress so far. First of all, try to embrace the shape of your body. You need to fall in love with your body before anyone else falls for it. Instead of fighting your curves, accept your body the way it is and this will make you feel confident in no matter what you are wearing. The bodycon dress is designed to accentuate your curves.
3. If you are still worried about the exposing the shape of your body too much and are not too comfortable with this thought, you can always pair up your dress with a cute jacket, cardigan or blazer. Even a simple belt or chain around the waist will also do wonders.
4. Lastly, adding the right accessories will also give a whole new look to your body. If you have a heavy bust, you can shift the focus to your neck by wearing a beautiful necklace. Finally, in order to complete your look, wear the best heels you have in your closet and you are all set to go!
If you want to buy the best and cheap bodycon dresses online, check out the amazing women’s clothing store Fashionmia now.

Things to consider when you are shopping for a top

A top or a t-shirt is one of the most comfortable pieces of fashion clothing designed. Often, they are considered to be the ‘dressing-down’ option. But if you have the perfect guide to buying the most trendy tops out there, you may just be able to rock that next party while wearing something extremely comfortable!
Here’s how to choose a perfect top for yourself-
1. The color of the top must be in tone with your skin tone and your hair color. A bright colored top will look best on the ladies with paler skin because these colors will bring more warmth to your skin. But there’s also a downside to choosing a bright shade as it will bring attention to your buttocks. White or pastel colors look best on blondes with pinkish skin while darker colors like black bring out a lovely shade in women with dark hair.
2.  Another important thing to take care of is the neckline, it must be suitable for the kind of event you are going to attend. V-necks are the safest option as they can go for almost all kind of events but if you have a heavy bust, you may want to steer clear. If you have a small bust or a long neck, a high neckline will be best-suited for you. On the other hand, heavy women must stay away from crew necks. Such a neckline is good for those who want to balance out their narrow necks.
3. Sleeve length is another major issue, you can either go for sleeveless, three-quarter sleeves, quarter sleeves or long sleeves. If you have chubby hands, you will want to cover them up but if you have got slender ones, go on and show them off!
4. Do not be afraid to experiment with different types of tops and blouses. Just take your phone into the changing room and take pictures in front of a full-length mirror with different styles on. This will help you understand your body shape and body fit in a much better manner.
It’s time to fill out your closet with the most lovely tops, t-shirts and blouses you set your eyes on. But before you move on and check out another article, do take a look at an amazing online clothing store Fashionmia. We guarantee that you will definitely not regret the time spent there!

Is Fashion All About Expensive Clothes?

Most of the people live with a very wrong concept that fashion is all about expensive dresses and they will look only pretty and fashionable in those highly expensive materials. But price is not everything and also it does not matter from where you are buying the clothes rather being a bit more creative and spending some more effort and time to find out the best suited clothing for you is the right idea. You might be interested to spend a large part of your salary for clothing only but it is always good to save some money that can be used for other important reasons.
However, here are some guides on how to look fashionable in less expensive dresses.
Tailor the dress:
Price tag is not the last thing to look good rather pick up the right dress, rip off the tag, get it tailored and wear it right way that will elongate the beauty of the final product for sure.
There are various online stores that keep quality dress at very reasonable rates and Fashionmia is one such very trusted online store where fashion tops and women clothing online are available at a great discount rate.
Wear gold accessories:
To make your look more attractive it is advised to wear golden color accessories. Also if you are carrying any handbag, that should be of gold color. A shiny handbag will work even better and it is best if you can match the handbag with your shoes which will make the look really intentional but not haphazard.
Monochrome outfits:
Monochrome outfits such as all black or all white color dress looks simply outstanding and offer a very fashionable look. But ensure the white color is actually bright to catch other’s attention while the black color should match exactly to look sophisticated.
Add belt:
Playing with belts is another best option that will completely elongate the look and will complement your clothing even more. A baggy sweater can also be paired up to get a polished look.
Makeup and hair style:
Just dressing and pairing it with the right accessories and shoes is not enough rather you need to pay attention towards the hairstyle and makeup as well. Flawless skin is always loved by others, so ensure you are doing the makeup right way that matches with your clothing and make you look polished.
That is, pricey clothing is not everything and along with picking up the right outfit from the stores, you need to maintain various other things to look like the fashion icon even in less expensive dresses.

Different Dresses for Different Body Types

There are so many dresses for women to choose from. But have you ever wondered what dress would suit your body type? Just because we see our favorite celebrities dress in a particular way, it doesn’t mean that it would suit us too. Before investing in a dress, know your body type and shop accordingly. Fashion is all about dressing up according to your body type in such a way that makes you look the very best. Body type is not determined by weight and height, it’sdetermined bythe shape of the body. Once you know your body shape, you can determine which fashion trends to follow and which ones o avoid.

Pear body shape
In pear shaped body type, the lower body is heavier and wider as compared to the upper body. The hips are wider than the shoulder. The best assets for this body shape are the busts, which should be showcased. You need to accentuate your upper body and wear something that makes you appear tall. For this body shape, opt for an off-shoulder skater dress. The bare shoulders will be the main focus and take attention from the lower body and the flare of the dress will conceal the wide hips.

Apple shaped body
In this body shape, the main weight is above the hips and the hips are narrow. The best assets in this body type are legs, which should be flaunted. Apple shaped body has a rounder and fuller torso with a minimal waistline. The goal should be to minimize the midsection and highlight the legs and shoulders. A shift dress suits apple shaped bodies best because they hang straight from the shoulder and lie far from the body, which conceals the problematic areas. Opt for a shift dress with hems to show off those shapely legs.

Hourglass shaped body
In this body type, the shoulders and hips are of similar proportion and a have a tiny waist. The goal should be to highlight the curves and not hide them. This body type should opt for a wrap dress. The wrap will highlight the curves between the hips and waist.  You can also opt for an A-line dress and team it up with a belt to highlight the curves.

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Top Fashion Tips for the Winter Season

Temperatures are dropping steadily and with the great need to stay warm all day and night long, it becomes quite difficult to follow proper fashion regime. With winters, we presume that it’s time to cut out on some of our cute fashion tops and dresses. However, you need not worry at all as we present to you some of the women clothing tips this winters to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. Have a read:

  • Layer Up: Well to stay warm during the chilling weather, the best way is to put layers of clothing. But wouldn’t that belittle your fashion statement? It might not if you choose the right women clothing to layer and match each other. If you happen to live in a snow area, the undermost layer could be a stylish and bright turtleneck, on top it a basic sweater, then a jacket and then the topmost layer could be the waterproof or the windcheaters. For the bottoms, you can wear a pair of stylish stockings under the ripped jeans to make a fashion statement at the same time keep you warm from inside.
  • It’s Time of the Boots: Let your boots do the walking and the talking. Winter fashion is incomplete without sexy and fashionable boots to gear up with your women clothing. You could pair up over-the-knee boots with a short sexy dress. Or you could even pair ankle boots with cuffed jeans. Boots could be great assets to amplify your women clothing in the most fashionable way.
  • Belt Up Your Coats: It could be really tiring to put on your old boring coat day after day when it’s chilling outside as you have no other option left. However, you could spice it up by putting on a sexy belt around the coat and see the difference. When you would cinch your waist with a stylish belt, you could make your coat look almost brand new.
  • It’s the Season of Faux: When even the jackets and coats would fail to keep you warm in the chilling weather, faux fur is the perfect fashionable respite. You can have great fun wearing the faux fur by wearing it over your winter jacket and giving women clothing a completely new definition.

Conclusion: Wish to look fashionable this winter at the same time beat the cold? Then visit Fashionmia and start your shopping.

Want To Be A  Fashion Icon?  Know The Rules Here

Being a fashion icon is all about representing a distinct personal style and if you have thought that this term is only associated with big celebrities or people who have strong cultural influence then, you are bit wrong as you too can be a fashion icon ensuring you inherit some distinct characteristics that makes you a perfect fashion icon.
Know here some simple rules that will help you stay in focus and you will eventually become the fashion icon to your friends, relatives and colleagues.
Perfect dressing sense:
Perfect clothing is the most important step and you can have great help from various magazines in this purpose. So, make a habit of buying some magazines such as cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle etc. and go through the articles properly while also notice the pictures carefully to know which dress and clothing style is perfect for your body shape.
Fashion icon is all about quality dressing so ensure your wardrobe has a good collection of the stylish dresses. Fashionmia is an amazing online store that you can look up for all kinds of fashion clothing and trendy tops. This store keeps great collection of stylish dresses while those are available at very reasonable rate also. Mix and match is a good idea to bring a very unique look.
Accessories too play an important role in your fashion. So, keep a good collection of accessories that will blend well with your dressing.
To be a fashion icon you need to spend a bit more. One or two pair of shoes is not enough rather you should have some good quality pair of shoes that can complement your dress and clothing perfectly.
Make up is vital to be a fashion icon. You might be thinking that you look good without make-up but just try applying once and you will look 10 times much better. But you should know what shades and color will be perfect for your facial structure and skin tone. You can always take help for this from the expert beautician and then buy some quality cosmetic products that will go for long.
Hair style:
Hair is that part of our body on which the looks depend a lot. So, its the time to visit a parlour. They can suggest you better that which hair style will suit your facial structure best. Also, you should pay attention to the quality of your hair. So, buy a quality shampoo and start taking care of your hair so that you can start receiving that fashion icon complement soon.