Women Fashion Tips for Summers

With the temperatures raising steeply you also need to change your wardrobe and style. The scarves and jackets need to take a back seat in your cupboard and the summery fashion needs to take its place. From breezy maxi dresses to classy sun glasses everything can be styled this summer. Here is what you need to have to looking amazing even in this hot weather.
If you are a brand freak pick one from the MDG Collection which Madonna has designed for Dolce & Gabbana. You can never go wrong with Ray Ban’s or Prada. There are so many brands who keep wonderful collections. Street shoppers could lay hands on some classy stuff at very cheap prices.
Loose Fitted Pants
Loose fitted pants work well for summers. You could team it up with a tank or a sleeveless cotton top and top it off with a par of heels. Whether it is a slouchy or harem pants have a couple in the wardrobe as they are easy to wear and you have many options to style them.
Woven Handbags
No! they are not just for the beach they look pretty cool when you carry them for almost all occasions. There are some that come with a combination of leather and woven straw which you could even carry to office.
They never go out of fashion and are must haves in the summer. Baby pink, light yellow, sky blue, minty green are all the colours that you should be looking for. Accessorize them with metallic finish jewellery or sandals – a perfect look for a casual outing, a friend’s birthday and even a date.
Stripes are going to be completely in this summer. A light cotton t-shirt with stripes, a pair of jeans along with sneakers would make you look cool. There are no boundaries to the type of colour you select just mix and match it accordingly to get a new style for yourself.
White Blazer
A cotton white blazer for a more formal and structured look is absolutely a stunner in the summers. Wear them to office and official parties top off with a pair of strappy high heels.
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Simplify Your Daily Dressing with One Black and One White Top in Your Closet

While we all love the exuberance of bright colours, there is something about black and white that keeps us coming back to these colours so very often. Whether it is a dress or a top you are buying, these two colours have been a favourite for many women. Today, we will talk about our need for these two colours to make daily dressing a lot easier for us.
Goes with different bottoms
A white top is absolutely perfect for a sunny day and it can be worn with your favourite pair of jeans and they look utterly perfect on skirts too. A black top on the other hand is more suitable for the evening when the sun has gone down and you are making your way to the closest mall for a shopping soiree. When you have at least one top for each of these two colours, you will realize that dressing up every day will be easier given the ability to mix and match them with different bottoms. Buy women’s tops online on Fashionmia that has been style options in black and white tops. The website is known for its wide range of women’s plus size dresses and tops.
Can be paired with a range of shoes
Since black and white can easily complement a variety of other colours, you can choose to look fabulous in any of these two tops by pairing it with different types of shoes or sandals. Just like you can buy women’s tops online, you can also look for great deals on shoes online and find the ones that suit your personality. A black top or a white top gives you the chance to experiment with different colours on the shoes without looking inelegant.
Easier to match accessories
The good thing about black and white tops is that accessories also tend to match easily with these. From stone studded necklaces for a black top with a plunging neck to metallic earrings on a chic white top, there are lots and lots of ways in which accessories can be styles with black and white. Even dresses in these two colours are easier to flaunt.
Buy a top in each of these colours and you will have a simplified daily wear strategy. These two colours look lovely in when you may not be in the mood to put an effort into styling.

Have You Thought Of Matching Your Shoes To Your Clothes Recently?

We have all been through the media discussions about Melania Trump’s inauguration outfit which seemed to remind many of Jackie Kennedy’s sense of style. But one thing that the 48 year old first lady has been able to bring back is the trend of matching shoes with dresses. While runways have never completely given up on this ever, street style is where girls get to find real style trends. So if you have been hoping to match your sexy cocktail dresses to your shoes then you arr on the right track.
A few things that you may want to keep in mind when it comes to matching shoes with the dresses for women are:

  • Don’t make it too obvious with the same colour in the shoes as your clothes. Play the subtlety card by going a shade darker or a shade lighter on the shoes. It looks more beautiful this way.
  • Look for complementing fabrics. Choose a fabric for your shoe that will complement the dress. Avoid going for similar fabrics for the shoes and dresses – it may make your style look dated.
  • Matching your sexy cocktail dresses is not the only way of staying in style. Match your shoes with your casual outfits too.

Matching your shoes is not always too difficult, especially when you do not need the same shades as your dresses. If you like to make a statement, then try matching your clothes and shoes and using some glitzy accessories to glow at any event. By matching your dresses and shoes, you get the added benefit of creating a visual effect which adds to the length of your legs making you look taller.
Shop for dresses for women on the online fashion store – Fashionmia. You can pick your shoes according to the dresses you choose or you can shop for dresses by keeping in mind the shoes that you already have.
Fashion is all about breathing in new styles and trends to your wardrobe so that you can avoid stagnation and continue to look confident and beautiful in the clothes and accessories you wear. By keeping up with the trends you avoid looking mundane by wearing the same style again and again.
There is often the element of discomfort that steps in with a change in style, but once you begin to experience the freshness in new trends, you may not want to stick to one style forever. For this season, we find matching your shoes and dresses to be a great trend.

Short Evening Dresses for Women of Different Tastes

When women stood up against corsets freeing their body and standing up against hour-glass figures, they needed a different approach towards comfortable yet attractive dressing. So hemlines went higher and the show of legs became the new-found sexy in women’s fashion.Evening dresses have since held an irreplaceable position in our closets. Designs and patterns may have changed but short dresses are yet to fade away. Here are a few ways in which evening dresses can be worn by women of different tastes:
The Minimalist
She likes to play it down, but that has nothing to do with making concessions with her persona. The minimalist prefers muted colours, simple designs and a modest version of the evening dress. She may accessorize it with beautiful earrings or a nice necklace but you wouldn’t find her decked up in too many accessories when she is wearing a short dress for the evening.
The Flamboyant
She believes in flaunting her look. Her evening dress may be in a brighter, catchier hue and her accessories don’t take the simple path either. She loves the brazen show of her glitzy look. It is not everyone’s piece of cake, but those who know their stuff can be an attractive head-turner.
The Workaholic
Since work keeps her busy most of the times, she ends up choosing comfortable fabrics for her evening dress. But since she is working most of the times, when she decides to step out for the evening, her dress speaks oodles of elegance. She may not have the time for too many accessories, but a flashy ring or a lovely pair of shoes is all she needs to make people look a second time.
The Fussy Teen
She wants everything to look good on her. She loves to experiment, mix and match fabrics, wear fashion tops and look pretty in short evening dresses. There is no excuse for her to want any less, especially when she is beginning to explore the wonderland of fashion.
The Conservative
She is too conscious of deep necklines and high hemlines. She treads the fine line between too long and too short, picking her dresses carefully to ensure that it does not accentuate her curves or reveal too much.
Fashionmia stocks beautiful evening dresses and fashion tops to meet a variety of tastes. Do you relate yourself with one of these or does your style blend two or more of these together?

Plus Size Fashion Tips

With the fashion magazines and television pouring with slim figured women, the curvy women seem to be struggling to find difficult to buy trendy plus size clothing. However, many new brands seem to have come up lately that are trying to catch up with the latest fashion. We women have a wider range of clothes to select from and more beautiful clothes to buy. Here some cool tips which will help all the curvy women in styling up their quotient. Let’s celebrate our size!

  • Even before you step out of the house for shopping it is important that you know your body measurements. This is not only save time when you are purchasing but will help you in getting the exact fit. Online and street shopping gets much easier with this. You know your measurements you know what will fit you.
  • Even if you are curvy, there is a specific shape for everyone. Women have curves in different places. We need to understand our height and our curves, we have to dress ourselves according to our size. Try not to look for an extra bigger size they will make you look bigger. Look for well fitted clothes such as plus size bodycon dresses they look wonderful. This also doesn’t mean you take a size smaller and squeeze yourself in it. Comfortable clothes are what you should wear. Go for wedges or chunky heels they will hold your body comfortably.
  • Don’t limit yourself to shops that are selling bigger sized clothes. There are so many brands whose cuts and styles work for curvy women. Trial rooms are free and you wouldn’t mind trying couple of pants or dresses which you like and think would fit you.
  • We all know black makes us look slim and we love black for this. But hey! black is not the only colour around look for more colours and cuts, like pick lower neckline in V-necks it gives the impression of increased height. Selecting narrower shapes in the bottom gives an illusion of slimmer bodies. All dark shades also give a slimming effect. Dressing in monochrome colours would have you looking beautiful. Don’t shy away with prints, you would look good in all of them. Jackets and shrugs do well for women with flabby arms.

For the best trendy and fashionable clothes visit Fashionmia, which is an online store that specializes in all type of clothes for women.

Tips To Get The Best Party Look

We all want to be the centre of attraction in a party don’t we? We plan and put in so much effort so we can look our best. However is it just the clothes and shoes that we concentrate on? Although clothes and footwear are important make-up is also important. Decide what you want to wear and keep it ready so you have enough time to have your make-up done. You can skip putting blush on your cheeks if you are in a hurry but just rubbing it on to your cheeks anyhow is not something you ought to do. Here are some quick tips that will help you shine and sparkle in a party. Remember the cosmetics that you use should be of a good quality and water-proof.
Nail art is completely a trend these days. Beautiful clean and filed nails are always a turn-on. A quick manicure at home will give you beautiful hands. Don’t just apply the plain colours unless of course you are going for a formal party. There are several easy video tutorials available online which you can follow to give your nails a new finish. Always have a colourless base at home, topping it off on your nails make them shine.
Your can do so much with your eyes. Magical and mystical eyes will flatter anyone. According to your skin-tone you could pick different colours of eye-liners. There are so many colours like green, blue, neon, white, purple etc. available.  Select one that contrasts or goes with your dress. Remember to apply kohl also. Apply mascara for fuller eye-lashes. Two-coats of mascara would give you perfect eye-lashes. The lightest shade of eye-shadow will be applied just below the brows, a medium shade in between and the darkest shade will be just above your lashes.
Pick one which suits your skin tone. Use a liner to line your area and then fill in the colour. Use a tissue paper and press in on your lips to remove the extra colour.
Shimmers in pink looks perfect for fair cheeks while the women in wheatish complexion would look good in silver shimmer. Women with duskier complexion should pick gold and bronze. Smile when you apply the rouge. Don’t make a red spot out of it. 
While the tips above make you beautiful you can check Fashionmia an online website for women’s clothing. You could buy elegant dresses and other types of fashionable women’s dresses from here at attractive prices.

Maxi-blazer affair

Of late there have been a lot of maxi dresses on sale. Call it fashion; I would call it late discovery. Maxi dresses are ever fluttering no matter the shape of your body; you just have to know how to wear and accessorize it. Maxi dresses vary in shape, design and material it is made of. Choose the best that flutter you. People should cease from thinking maxis are for pregnant women and tall ladies. They are for everyone that wants that head-turner look. Below is a guide on how to wear a maxi dress on any type of body frame.
Curvy full frame
Look for a straight maxi that has been clinched at the waist with a triangular or love-shaped belt or chain. Insist on a v-neck or medium shoulder straps.
Short women
Get one that has a high waist line or create one with a thin belt worn just below the breasts. Pair with open heels.
Pear shaped
Strap with a belt at the waist to magnify your hips. Dark maxi paired with a bright cropped will narrow your hips in case you dislike being too conspicuous.http://www.fashionmia.com/blazers-89/
Wear a column-styled spaghetti or tube maxis to flaunt your toned arms and shoulders.
In all of the above, always carry a clutch, a purse or a small sling bag with a hat. For that cool chic-look, wear maxi dresses with a blazer. It doesn’t have to be expensive, look for cheap blazers for women and accessorize your maxi with it. If wearing a floral maxi put on a solid color blazers for a unified evening look.  A uni-color maxi would require a blazer that seeks to bring out style. For example, one-buttoned blazer will create a cute waistline while short sleeved one will make you appear smaller. Always play around with different designs. However, never wear your maxi with a buttoned up blazer; let it expose the feminine look achieved by wearing a maxi.
Short sleeved blazers can also be worn over flowing maxi dress with flat colored sandals and a small statement handbag to make a statement. You might also want to go bold by wearing a turtle neck maxi dress on rectangular shaped boots. Wear a blazer on top careful not to let it go past the waistline. Get a casual look by wearing a bright colored blazer over denim maxi dress.
For more about maxi-blazer affair, search for maxi dresses on sale and cheap blazers for women on FashionMia and choose from a thousand of them with different colors, design and style.

Tips on How to Wear Maxi Dress

Besides wearing long evening dresses for occasions, it has become quite popular to wear maxi dresses during the day also. The occasion could be any; from a date night to a stroll in the park with your friends. Long maxi dresses have become a popular choice for the women. They look feminine and make you look super cute or hot depending on the type of maxi dress you choose you wear and the way you accessorize it.
Here are some quick and simple tips that will bring out the best in you when you wear your maxi dress.
Wear it With a Short Denim Jacket
A short denim jacket worn along with a long chiffon maxi dress looks stylish. The look is perfect for evening out with friends or when you are going out to spend some alone time. This look is refreshing and the denim jackets suit all skin colours.
Heel-up High
Maxi dresses are long and wearing high heels will make you look tall. A maxi dress with a thigh high slit and a pair of stilettoes gives you a super-sexy look. Tall is always beautiful!
Sneakers Look Cool 
Cotton maxi’s with or without side slits look cool when teamed with sneakers. The look is perfect for daily wear. The look is for when you go out for shopping or a casual outing. Besides if you are not comfortable in wearing high heels, sneakers work well for you.
Beach Look
Summers are already in and you are looking for light and flowy dresses. Made of light fabric with pastel colours, thin straps and flowery prints will bring out your elegance. Top off the look with a pretty hat and cool shades. There are a range of shades available and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy a classy one. Just go out street shopping for accessories.
There is so much that can be done when you are wearing a maxi dress. If you have a slit in your dress you could wear a shiny roman sandal or a pair of high tie-up flats. Statement bangles while wearing deep necklines or a pair of big danglers will stand out.
Fashionmia is an online fashion store that specializes in all types of women clothing including long evening dresses and beautiful maxi dresses of all types of fabric.

Bodycon Dresses Are Not Size Biased – Then Why Are You?

Curvy women often lose their confidence because of their weight. I know lots of friends who love themselves for what they are and they have never shied away from flaunting their curves. Instagram and Facebook are brimming with fashionistas who have proved that size does not matter. Bodycon dresses fit very well. This is probably one of the reasons why some women are apprehensive about trying it. But to think of it, there is no better way to give your body a lovely look.
Don’t limit yourself to the dos and don’ts of the fashion world. When you wear a bodycon dress you reaffirm your confidence in yourself. It is all about accepting your body as it is and taking pride in your curves. Sexy plus size clothing is for real women who look beyond the skin and bones, they are the ones who really define natural beauty.
When you wear a bodycon dress, wear it with confidence and you will look pretty. If you are not comfortable in it, then don’t wear it. Pick a bodycon dress that makes you feel good in it. If you get too conscious about your weight or your curves in one of these, then people will notice your uneasiness.
There are a multitude of colours and prints that you can choose from. Prints and other details like peplum can even help you cover the tummy area. You can also try a wide belt to add an embellishment to your bodycon dress.
Bodycon dresses have always been available in a lot of sizes. If you are looking for some sexy plus size clothing, then you must check Fashionmia for their remarkable collection of dresses for plus sizes. And while you are shopping for a bodycon dress, you may want to look up some good shapewear that can smoothen some of the curves if you are too conscious of them.
Remember that you bodycon will look good when you pair them with good bra and panties. Seamless undergarments will give you a smoother look. Panty lines can draw a lot of attention to the parts of your body where you may not want everyone to look.
Some of the most popular curvy women from the fashion world are slaying it in a bodycon dress. When these sexy pieces of clothing are not biased about the size you are, then why are you?

Some Useful Dressing Guides To Hide Your Tummy

Do you have a tummy and you are worried to cover it up with the right kind of dressing? Well, not all are blessed with the perfect body shape but we can always turn our body shape into an attractive one by choosing and wearing the right dressing. But just wearing the dress is not enough rather ensure you feel enough comfortable in it and can carry it flawlessly. There are many who have a flawless figure but do not look really smart. The reason is wrong selection of dressing. Similarly an oversized woman can look highly attractive by picking up the perfect dress and following some easy rules.
However, some useful guides are listed here that can work to cover up your tummy to make you look really good.

  • Keep the tight fitting clothes at bay. Tight dresses will accentuate your body shape and all the lumps and bumps will be visible. At the same time ensure to stay away from too loose dress as it will make you look big enough. Attention should be paid in the fabric as well. Fabrics like cotton, silk, polyester and linens are best for those with tummy while try avoiding the clingy and stretchy fabrics.
  • When it comes to choosing the top, make sure they extend over the waistline as short tops is not the kind for your body shape and it will end up showing the tummy even more. Also tops that have draping, which is flowy and hang loosely are the best kinds.  If you are looking for the most stylish women’s top, Fashionmia is one of the great stores for that.
  • Wear layers. Layering with jacket, coat etc. is highly suggested that can perfectly conceal your tummy.
  • When it comes to the bottom part selection, skinny jeans and low waist are always no no as they have smaller cut at the bottom which accentuate the hip and torso. Rather go for the straight or boot cut jeans and you will look much better while will feel comfortable as well at the same time. Also, avoid wearing miniskirts for good reasons.
  • Other things to follow are: avoid belt around the waist, hips and breast area, do not tuck the blouse or tops and ensure to wear shape wear always as it will flatten the stomach a bit and you will look much more attractive.

Stylish and cute dresses are available in various online and physical stores. So just step into the right one and pick up the prefect piece for you at reasonable rate.