Bodycon or Shift …Your Pick!

Fashion connoisseurs are often blamed for ignoring curvy women. It is natural to get green with envy when you are curvy or plus size and see all online and offline stores are filled with jazzy clothing, but nothing for you. You get all plain and long dresses to conceal your curvaceous figure. This was not done! After all everybody is beautiful and deserves to be clad in trendy clothing as much as slim body does.


Fashion specialist too realized the need of a revolution and brought some amazing plus size clothing for women which not only look stylish but gives a completely new look to you. They are not just breezy and comfy but allows you to flatter with accessories and foot wears.

Shift dresses

Dresses like women’s plus size shift dresses, a short and sleeveless dress which generally hangs from the shoulders. If you are plus size and want to try something short and sexy on yourself then definitely shift dresses will work for you. It is not tight but hangs loose from the body allowing to make swift movements unlike when you wear skin tights like bodycon dresses. If your preference for picking up a dress matches with the features of a shift dress, simple and plain but short and loose you should go for these.

Bodycon dresses

If you are adventurous enough to try something edgy on your full figured body then opting for sexy plus size bodycon dresses is what you should do. It is not for the faint of hearts and asks to be carried with confidence because this dress clings tightly to the body. Unlike shift dresses it is going to showcase your figure and revealing your curves beyond imagination. Choosing correct accessories like belt, jacket or right footwear can make dress look attractive and shifts the focus from protruding body. Elasticity to a bodycon dress is given by the blend of lycra and polyester which make it to hug the body completely. You may choose them with or without sleeves as per your comfort.


Bodycon dresses best suit on women having hourglass, pear shaped, apple or inverted triangle figure whereas any figure will look well suited in a shift dress. Shift dresses can be slightly tailored or left loose and are available both in print and plain colors. Go with flats or low heels while wearing a shift dress and high heel shoes and boots with stiletto heels look best along with bodycon. Not to mention, Fashionmia is the final destination when it comes to online shopping. Collect your bodycon and shift dress with amazing blend of colors from here.

Tips For Men – How To Bring Together Your Sweater With Your Jeans

Winter is here and sweaters are becoming a part of your everyday wardrobe, but so are durable, heavyweight stylish blue jeans. Definitely a good news for men who prefer casual style above anything else. On online fashions stores like Fashionmia, where you can find very good quality cheap sweaters and winter outerwear sale. With right combination of right jeans and sweaters in your closet, you can turn your dull winter into a stylish fiesta.

Given below are some simple tips to keep your winter relaxed, casual, and modish:

1. Wear the Sweaters that are modest in color and style

One of the rules for winter wardrobe is to add the pieces that are modest in both color and design. A sweater with traditional mannish palette in colors like grey, off-white, charcoal, dark brown, or a yarn sweater with dark shade in green or blue color can be matched sophisticatedly with denim jeans in colors like dark or light blue, black, or any other shade you prefer. You can also try smooth knit styles. White, red, or deeply patterned sweaters can also be worn with dark hue jeans.

 2. Bulky Sweater-Wide-legged Jeans, Slim Sweater- Slender Jeans

When choosing a combination of sweater and jeans, try maintaining the same proportion for upper and lower body wear. A bulky sweater with upturned attractive stitching can bring out the bulk of your upper body and wide-legged jeans will make you look casual with sophistication. Similarly, if you are wearing a slim with a single layer, and no bulky stitching, go for slimmer jeans.

3.  Complement with something fascinating

When choosing some simple and casual, there is always a risk of looking plain and dull. To avoid any such disaster, go a little distance to bring some sort of physical interest to your sweater like a shawl neck cardigan style in place of a basic sweater or a patterned sweater. You can also add some further covers and pieces. Avoid using single color for upper and lower wears.

Tips To Wear Skater Dresses In The Winter Season

The fit and flared skater dresses is one of the best dresses for women that has a good versatile nature which suits all body type while it can be worn in every season and occasion as well. What you need to know is some useful tips and that’s it. Skater dresses are in the trend now, so if you are wishing strongly to buy one this winter, here are some ideas on how to wear the skater dresses during winter.

  • Skater can be easily converted into a winter wear by layering. Layering is the main key of style and you need to layer the dresses just perfectly to maintain a very casual but stylish look. Wear tights with the skater dress and it will help you stay warm while you will look stylish as well.
  • Wear a leather jacket with the dress. Leather looks edgy and adds a great vibe to the look. Apart from leather jacket, you can also wear a small coat or other kind of jacket definitely. Sweater too looks great with the skater dresses.
  • Long cardigan is another great piece to add that will help you stay comfortable in the winter time while you will look good too at the same time. Long cardigan is appropriate for you in case you want to bring a very feminine look.
  • You can wear a fitted shirt as well with the skater dress if it is not too cold outside.
  • Boots are a great companion during the winter and thankfully they will look really well with the skater dresses. All kind of boots can be paired with this dress. You can opt for the cowboy boots of ankle length, knee high boots and even the thigh high boots. The thigh high boots are the perfect boots that will look amazing with the skater dresses while you will stay safe from the chill weather as well. However, sneakers, heel and flat shoes too look good and you can definitely choose anything you want.

All kind of skater dresses including the white skater dresses are available in Fashionmia  which is a great online store for everyone men and women both. Not just clothing rather you will find out there all kind of cheap accessories as well. So, visit their store at least once and you will definitely find out what you were looking for.

Some Useful Tips To Look Taller

We all desire to have a perfect body shape along with the perfect height. However, unfortunately not all are blessed with that and we need to manage somehow. There are numerous ways to make you look taller than your actual height and this is magically done by wearing the right dresses and shoes. So, if you are a petite woman and struggling to look taller anyhow, read this article carefully.

Here are some useful tips following which you can easily add few inches to your actual height.

  • The first thing you should do is visit a good tailor and wear every dress by tailoring perfectly. If the dress does not fit you perfectly, it can ruin the complete look. So, make sure that the dress you are wearing is just perfect for your body shape.
  • Another trick is to wear just one color dress. One colored dress can have the magical power to make you look taller. It will not break your figure in two parts and will create an illusion of a longer look. Single colored cute dresses are easily available in numerous stores. So, just check once and you will be flooded with options.
  • Go for choosing the high waist dresses. Whether you are planning to wear a skirt, a jeans or other skirts type dresses, the high waist will create an illusion of longer leg.
  • Keep the length of your dresses bit short and show off as much skin as possible. For example, if you are planning to buy bodycon dresses online, ensure the length ends below the knee. Also, it will be good if you can go for sleevless. The more skin you will show off, it will amazingly make you look longer.
  • And when it comes to the neckline, a collar neck, high neck, polo neck etc. are some good choices for you.
  • Coming to the shoes, follow the same rules, that is show off as much skin as possible. The more skin you will show off, it will make the leg look longer and thus create an illusion of taller look. Toe pointed shoes, high heel shoes are some good examples for you.

While there are many stores available to get the perfect dress you are looking for but Fashionmia is a great store which offers huge discount so that you can get the dress at a very reasonable rate.

Tips To Buy & Wear Winter Coats The Most Perfect Way

Winter is on its way. So it’s the perfect time to look for a winter coat if you do not have one. The coats are available in various styles, shapes, length and fabric. So, this might be confused you a bit when it comes to choosing the perfect winter coats for you. We are here to help you out all the possible way by offering some useful tips for buying and wearing the Women winter coats.

  • Look at the fabric. The fabric is the primary concern when you go to shop a coat for you. If the coat is made of cashmere wool, this is the best option. However, cashmere fabric if mixed with other fabric will look equally good. Nylon mixed with other fabric such as wool and cashmere look good. But avoid choosing the one made with complete nylon as it will not be comfortable and will offer that scratchy feeling.
  • Next comes the length. If you are looking to buy a piece to wear with everything such as skirts, jeans and other pants, the mid-thigh to knee length will be best for you. However, if you are a petite woman, avoid wearing the full length coats as it will make you look wider again. But you can wear all kind of coats of any shape and length if the waist is shaped with a belt. All kind of winter coats are available in Fashionmia which is a great store for women. This store has excellent collections for all shapes and if you are looking the cute plus size tops, this is the perfect place to look out.
  • Coats are normally available in full sleeves. But check that the sleeves cover your wrist bone. Also, the hands should not be too big as it will make you look smaller enough if you have a petite figure.
  • Add accessories such as scarf, hat, belt, boot etc. to create an amazing look. Note that the bright color accessories will blend well with the neutral color coats. So, remember all these points and you will be able to make a successful purchase.

Coats are normally expensive and once you buy a piece for you, it will last for quite long. But ensure not to wash it at home and follow the instruction available at the tag. Its always better to dry wash the coats to enhance the durability.

Styling Tips From the French Women

While the world has their own trends and fashion ways the French women have their own secret to looking stylish and chic. The women from Paris seem to dress like perfectionists. It sometimes would sound obvious that the females here have a refined taste in fashion because of the sophisticated brands and the fashion shows hosted here. It is home to thousands of pretty models who set the fashion trend. Here are some tips from the French ladies:

Have Your Own Signature Look
You shouldn’t be buying what the world is buying instead concentrate on buying clothes that make you look pretty and comfortable. You may some clothes that go with the trend but your wardrobe should have an aesthetic that suits your appearance.
Breton Stripe Shirt
Every French woman has one in her wardrobe. A Breton stripe shirt looks utterly chic. Dark washed skinny pair of jeans would look perfect with this shirt or maybe a printed skirt for a friendly gathering to give a brighter look. A pair of flats works perfectly in this look.
Trench Coats

They are a French woman’s best friend. From skirts to jeans and from shorts to formal pants they will go with everything. You can layer them with different winter accessories such as a scarf or stole when the weather gets cooler. The French fashion icons are hardly seen without a trench coat.
Signature Pair of Shoes
You actually need several pairs to outshine yet a classy one that goes with your outfits would be perfect. It is said that both men and women can be judged according to the pair of shoes they wear – clean, classy and decent.
Out of Bed Hair Style
The French women will wear their hair down and don’t bother to style them. A tousled look can be deliberately done or just don’t brush them when you get out of your bed. Try it you won’t regret!
Wear Neutrals
White, Beige, Brown and Black are their palette of colors while they select dresses, gowns or outfit for them. They add color through their accessories – handbags, jewelry or scarf.

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Coats and Tops for Women in Winter

The coming winter is a perfect reason to re-do and jazz-up your wardrobe and this can be availed at With a variety of women’s’ winter coats along with cute plus size tops, Fashion Mia brings to you the chance to feel and cherish all the attention this Christmas. Beautiful and comfortable winter coats for ladies would keep you warm and stylish all through the season. Women with plus sizes would also have destination step at this website with the availability of cute tops for them.

The site brings to you a huge variety of women’s’ winter coats to get the cold off your skin. These coats are especially made for your winter care and they keep you cozy in the harsh snow. These warm and durable materials would not only protect you from cold but would also provide you a long lasting wear. The coat materials are soft and comfortable, specially designed for the users’ care. The coats are available in various colors and designs to make it look charming and to keep up with the fashion world. These trendy coats uplift your fashion quotient by providing you with comfort and care for the dry season of snow. So, come and check out our range of women’s’ winter coats and fulfill your winter desire.

The website brings to your doorstep an enormous range of beautiful and stylish tops to choose from for any occasion throughout the year. Especially available are cute plus size tops for women. Women with beautiful curves need not worry, these tops are made as such to cover the areas which you would like to hide and elevate your best features. The tops are available in various colors with different designs and also with the best materials and they suit all needs, possible. The trendy designs of these tops are sure to attract the eyes with their mesmerizing features and designs. Hence, come and approach the fashion world of FashionMia, the store house with all latest designs at affordable prices. So do not delay and come and grab as many as you want at FashionMia website at perfect rates in this festive season.

Cheap rate Outerwear and Jackets for Women

Winter is not so far so if you are looking for a new stylish jacket or coat, look at the FashionMia for women collection of outerwear. There is something for everyone from classic lines to trendy colors. There are many places where people wear jackets throughout most of the year. But for women, this is for fashion’s sake and also for the purpose of staying warm.

Outerwear at Low Price:
Generally black, gray is the color that you see in most of the coat for women. But now there are some designers who incorporate classic colors as well as the hot colors for fall and winter. Burnt orange and metallic are hot right now. You can find jacket or coat to fit your style. Crop jackets, waist length, mid calf and long coats are available in the store. You can find all these outerwear for women at a very low price. But make sure that the quality of the Cheap Outerwear is good. You must choose the right good quality outerwear that makes you look good and smart. You should also concern about the protection that an outerwear gives.

Jackets for Women:
There are some stylists Women Jackets that offer much versatility. They are plaid jackets, leather jackets, and pea coats. You can find woman’s plaid jacket is cut to fit like a suit jacket. This jacket is thick and durable enough. For greater protection from the elements, some extend down to the knees. Adding a nice accent the heavier ones can be lined with fur at the hood. There is a lot of a number of plaids, some of them are black and white and others full of color. These are varied from thickness and styles. Another fashionable trend is the pea coat. Wide lapels, large buttons, and a double breasted front are the characteristics of pea coats. This style is versatile and classy. Depending on the weather and purpose of wearing it women’s pea coats are available in both long and short varieties. There are so many jackets for women that look fashionable while keeping you warm.


As there are so many options so it is possible to find the perfect one by shopping around. Visit today at

Outerwear and Coats of winter for Women

In this winter leather and animal prints are huge high-end outerwear are in fashion. As a real thing, faux animal skins and fur achieve the same effect in outerwear. Especially in women’s coats, leopard print is still big. In winter women can strut off their style and showcase the coats exemplify their beauty. A coat is a definite must have for women of all ages.

Outerwear for Women:
Try a duffle coat with fur trim if you prefer a more classic look as an outerwear. Along with tailored, belted coats, collarless jackets are among the sleeker looks. A softer, cosier appeal has made its way into Women’s Outerwear. Black is also showing up in women’s jackets with exciting splashes of candy-coated color. For more attractive look wear bright pink or mint colored gloves with a black coat. A shearling trimmed jacket gives warmth and attractive look. An olive hooded wax jacket offers you a slightly more rugged look and durability. Some outerwear styles combine structure and softness. You will get the trendiness of a cape with the elegant fit of a classic coat, so try coat-cape hybrid. Womens jacket will keep you warm and cozy. Make sure that you don’t have to give up looks for comfort.

Women’s Coat:
Winter Coats have been sported and fashioned by women from all aspects of life. Their main concentration is creating and maintaining a style statement. As the best accessories in creating style statement, the new coats have rich and bold in colors. Although the basic black color is indispensable, the new coats are available in green, yellow, red, blue, orange color. The bolder the color is the better and trendier you are. The coats are brightening up your days. Dramatic prints and elegant designs are in fashion. With these coats, you can make your look more attractive with flirty ruffles, bell sleeves, a belted waist and crisp collar. The newly designed coats are more flattering. These can be fit almost any body shape.

Online Purchase:
Interested women would find that online stores will be the best place where they can make their procurements. Visit the site of FashionMia for best quality.

What you should know about a poncho?

A poncho can be one of the most stylish pieces of outerwear for women if you style it right. Poncho’s are more of a Bohemian style and goes back to 70′s but it has come back in fashion lately. Since for now it is fashion is going stay you better buy a couple for your winter wardrobe. Here is what you should know about poncho’s.

  • They come in different necklines such as V-neck, scoop neck, turtle neck, crew neck, boat neck and cowl neck. Crew and boat necks will suit women whose bust and shoulders are narrow. V-necks, cowl necks and scoop necks can be worn by any body type. V-necks are perfect for women who are heavy o their busts. Turtle necks should be worn by women who have long necks as they tend to give a shortening effect by concealing your neck.
  • Ponchos that are too gaudily coloured or very large and bulky should be avoided. Plaids, solids, Aztec or geometrical prints always work.
  • Despite being a large garment a poncho should have the ability to give a flattering look to the woman wearing it. This would depend on the size of poncho that you have selected. Women who are tall should avoid wearing short ponchos instead go for longer ones – they can carry such ponchos with style. On the contrary shorter women should never opt for long poncho designs and pick ones that end a bitlower than your stomach. Women who are curvy should look for ones that are straight tailored and come in neutral colours.
  • If you were thinking that ponchos just have an opening at the neck then you may slightly be wrong here. There are many ponchos that come with buckles, zips, toggles and buttons. They can also be double breasted or may have a front opening or at times in the side too.
  • You would also find many ponchos that come with a hood. You should consider buying them as they would shield you from the cold. Ensure that the size of the hood perfectly fits on your head so your face looks well-set in the frame of the hood.

If you are looking to buy woollen knitwear then you should visit Fashionmia. It is an online website that deals in beautiful clothing and outerwear. They offer affordable clothes which include – women’s sweaters, jackets, skirts, jeans, coats and more.